Friday, March 26, 2010

To Market To Market...

St Andrews Market is a wonderful Saturday afternoon destination...finding that I had a rare Saturday to myself, I called my friend Danielle, and we met at this little piece of hippy heaven...Our dear friend Elspeth had a stall there with her amazing art - I couldn't resist and bought a little teepee painting.

I also found this gorgeous headpiece - how could I say no? Peacock feathers and only $8.00
I had some yummy paella for lunch (all that shopping was making me hungry!)

On my drive home, I spotted this cute yellow ute - ooh, I would love this! Think of all the loot I could fit in this ute!

I also bought this gorgeous basket, and then had to buy some sunflowers (cliche, I know, but don't they look pretty?) Danielle wanted me to buy a loaf of bread to stick in my basket, but I thought that was going too far, so I bought some homemade spinach burek for dinner - yum!

Plunked the sunflowers in with the pink lilies Ian gave me the other day - cheery goodness on my kitchen bench to make me smile...

I wanted to introduce this lovely lady to you...she had a friend up until last week when Mr Fox came visiting - I know, it's too sad for words...she is so clever and gives us beautiful fresh eggs everyday, so I can make all sorts of yummy afternoon treats.

(I scored this cloth at my local market last week for $5.00 - I thought it was really pretty).


  1. Hello hello CarouselDreams !
    Quelle jolie promenade dans ton univers...
    Je le trouve very chaman dans l'esprit.
    Enfin un peu de paix, comme ça fait du bien !
    Merci à toi,

  2. What a beautiful day you had at the market. Love the basket and of course the sunflowers. I am not happy with Mr. Fox, bad boy. Love you sweet nest! Beautiful post. And I so agree you need to go back and get your new vehicle, it is the best.

  3. I found you through Alina's blog and just had to comment on the loss of your chick! I had 7 babies until a few weeks ago when the neighbor's dog got into what I thought was a secure pen! Heartbreak! Love your tipi painting!!! What a great find! (:

  4. I absolutely love all the places you visit! Everything you bought is beautiful, and yes, the yellow lorie would have been perfect to transport your findings :0) Again, thank you for sharing such delightful adventures. Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  5. Fantastic market colours, flavours and aromas .Congratulations by your beautiful photographs.
    Greetings from Spain.

  6. Naughty Mr Fox...I use to have hens too and loved them so much.They all had a little funeral when they died.
    Your dress is gorgeous and you look so cute with your feathers.

  7. Thankyou everyone for your comments...I love to read them.

  8. Hello there!
    Just stopping by to tell you I think you have quite the lovely place here. I look forward to visiting often. Thank you for stopping by Harmonie House. Be well and blissful!

  9. Oh how I love markets like these! I wish we had more in my area... I'd be there every weekend!! Gorgeous pictures girl. This is certainly my kind of post :-)

  10. ooohhh how i wish id been with you...

  11. oh I'm sooo envious you have such a groovy market to attend there. I can't work out which country you're in! :)

  12. Hi Monica...I live in Melbourne, Australia.


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