Monday, March 08, 2010

Storm In A Soup Bowl

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been having crazy weather here in Melbourne. It was a long weekend, so hubby decided, along with a group of friends, to go camping at my brother-in-law's country property...I know, they are all insane! Um, Ian, have you heard the weather forecast?

He went on Saturday, and I declined, instead assuring him I would join them all the next day...when Georgia, Abby and I arrived at the land and saw the excuse for a tent he had set up, I politely told him Georgia and I would stay for the day, but Abby wanted to camp, despite the weather warnings.

We had a lovely day, sitting around the campfire, riding the motorbikes (no, I don't ride...), and then at about 4.00pm, the storm hit...everyone was soaked. So I bid them all farewell (suckers) and Georgia and I returned to civilisation, and a warm, dry, comfy bed...

There is something incredibly soothing about being inside while Mother Nature unleashes her fury outside...I love to light candles, and I seem to have an overwhelming desire to make soup and soul food...

A couple of weeks back, we had a delicious lunch at a funky little cafe in the seaside town of Inverloch...they make the most incredible curries.

I chose the sweet potato soup, and it was to die for! Inspired by this, I tried my own version, and though not quite the same, it was still really yummy...

I just sauted garlic, ginger and onion in oil, then added about a tablespoon of curry paste (we like it mild). Then I added 4 cups of chopped sweet potato and one red capsicum, chopped up. Then I threw in about 31/2 cups chicken stock, and let it simmer until the veges were soft. Then it was just a matter of blending it until smooth, and then I threw in coconut cream (light, of course, ha ha), and some chopped up was seriously good!

I also decided to go the whole hog, and got out the slow cooker (see what inclement weather does to me?) I made a yummy lamb curry for dinner, with pea pulao - yummo.

Georgia enjoying her beef rendang...

Abby had banana ricotta pancakes...mmm

I really loved their wine rack, it's an old, chippy door, made into shelving. I'd love to borrow this idea for down the beach. (I promise I will show photos soon of our little beach shack).

After the storm, I wandered out into the garden, only to discover a little mermaid had washed up on my dry creek bed...(little mermaid I made some time ago, and I decided she needed some new mermaid hair).

In the slow cooker tonight...chili beef served with warm tortillas, avocado and sour cream.

Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you, we went to see 'Alice in Wonderland' the other night in 3D, and I LOVED everything about it! Can't wait to go see it again...


  1. What a lovely blog you have! Thank you so much for sharing. And smart woman for sleeping inside during a storm :)

  2. I never light candles in a storm!! that looked so nice, I almost cant wait for a storm to give it a try.
    With yummy hot soup and curries too, mmmmm
    So envious you got to see alice, one day i will, more likely dvd unless i visit a city, its the compromise i pay for living so far from anything. I love your white dining chairs too, such pretty things!
    have an ever so cosy time in your next storm, we still have no rain and the schools have to close next week because our main town has run out of water. woo hoo for the kids haha, closest thing I guess we're ever gonna get to a snow day!

    sheree xxx

  3. oh ..that open fire looks so so loving your photos...must catch up soon....

  4. So glad you liked Alice in Wonderland...I really want to go see it again. Your daughter is lovely..I adore her stripe so sweet. xo

  5. Welcome Crystal, and thankyou for visiting. Sheree, you will see Alice, but living where you are is so much more magical...Jo, we definitely will have to catch up soon - I miss you! And Koralee, thankyou for your lovely words about Abby...come back and visit soon x


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