Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting my craft on...

I have been playing with my fabric stash, and came up with this collage of bits and pieces...sooooo, I decided to make a journal cover out of the finished piece...ta da!
Ready for some mindblowing inspiration, scribblings and thoughts...this was fun! 

Also, visited the wonderful Heide Museum to check out an exhibition of one of my very favourite artists, Mirka Mora...she is such an inspiration to me. Mum and I spent a lovely day soaking up the inspiration, and enjoying a lovely lunch in the cafe. Here I am standing outside the windows where Mirka painted one of her fabulous murals.

and here is a picture of her painting the windows...
As well as her gorgeous paintings, her cloth dolls were also on display.  Hmmm...I have decided to make one of my own...

Here are the beginnings of my art doll, inspired by the wonderful Mirka Mora...
Can't wait to show you the finished product...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Fairytale Wedding

As I promised, I am sharing photos of my darling friend's wedding...Elspeth and Adam were married in a beautiful hand-fasting ceremony yesterday. And they get to do it all over again later in the year, as Adam is from she is arriving.

And here is the wedding altar...


The Wedding Cake...
Darling friends...these are some of the girls I studied Art Therapy with.
A Chocolate toast to the bride and groom...this was an alcohol free wedding.
So in love...

So beautiful...
My beautiful girls...Abby and Georgia
We were incredibly blessed to be audience to this amazing couple...check out their incredible music here They are called Sacred Earth, and they are pure magic...

I made brownies to share for the wedding feast...
...Adam and Elspeth requested that their gifts be handmade, so I made this mosaic waterbowl for their garden...
What a beautifully spiritual wedding...thankyou Elspeth and Adam for sharing your sacred was so special and deeply moving x

Monday, March 21, 2011

A very Pippi Birthday...and some other stuff

Wow, it was a busy weekend, but lovely all the same...I visited a festival, caught up with girlfriends and had people for a lovely barbecue lunch on Sunday. Today I am making a special wedding gift for someone very dear to me. She is marrying her love this Friday, and I can't wait to share photos of what I'm sure will be a beautiful day...they have requested that the wedding gifts be handmade - isn't that lovely? This pic of Elspeth and I was taken about a year ago at a market where she sells her beautiful paintings. Have I told you how much I adore this girl?
Shhhh....don't tell her, but this is what I am making...

...and just some random stuff...

I have been inspired all over again because of this beautiful song...there is something magical about this beautiful performance by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Glee did a version last week, which was amazing (I love Glee!)

I am reading this amazing book and can't seem to put it down...I am a huge Dean Koontz fan. Yes, it's a thriller, but it's also about the amazing bond between humans and dogs. In this case Golden Retrievers...I had my beautiful retriever Bo for 15 years. He was my first dog after leaving home and in fact my first 'baby' before my girls. (just realised I say amazing a lot...)
Speaking of Golden's, have you seen Vanessa's new little man? He is a sweetheart...aren't puppies the best?

Also speaking of dogs, have you all seen this beautiful friendship between a dog and an elephant? Two of my favourite animals. Now if only humans could learn something from these two, and accept each other's differences....hmmm, it would be a much nicer world.

Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you....guess who turns one today? Happy Birthday little Pip! I have to tell you, this little girl melts my heart. She is so lovely, and such good company. Today she gets extra cuddles and belly rubs...look at how she's grown!

I'll be back in a few days with some photos of Elspeth's wedding - I am so looking forward to it!

"When you pet a dog or listen to a cat purring, thinking may subside for a moment and a space of stillness arises within you, a doorway into Being" - Eckhart Tolle

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lotus Gardens and a peaceful Mandala

This week, I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful Lotus Garden with my mum. Such a peaceful, beautiful place, set amidst the mountains of the Yarra Valley near my home.  It was quite magical, and reminded me of Bali...suprising that such a place exists here.

Isn't this pretty with the mountains in the background? The lakes are filled with lotus and waterlilies, and the sound of frogs carries through the air...we are near the end of March, so it is almost the end of the flowering season, but it was still delightful to behold.
I love the Buddhist symbolism of the Lotus Flower - awakening to the spiritual reality of life. Quite poignant I feel, at this point of my life's journey, where I am re-evaluating so much about myself and the world in which I live. 

The Lotus Flower's pattern of growth represents the progress of the begins with it's roots in the mud at the bottom of the pond. Slowly, it grows up towards the water's surface, moving all the time, towards the light.  As it emerges from the water, it begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower. 

As metaphor, it has endured the 'mud and muck' of materialism, and negotiated it's way through the waters of experience to emerge into the bright sunshine of enlightenment. Beautiful. At times, I still feel like I am stuck in the mud, but then I remind myself of all that I have and am grateful for the life I have been blessed with.

All of this beauty has inspired me to explore a mandala featuring, you guessed it, a Lotus times of stress and emotional upheaval, sitting down and drawing a mandala is one of the most relaxing, meditative things to do - have you ever tried it? I know mandalas are a wonderful Art Therapy tool...time has no significance once you immerse yourself in this beautiful past-time. And even if you don't feel like drawing your own mandala, there are so many designs you can print straight from the internet and just colour with pencil, or crayon or paint...a most relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
And yes, I realise that my lotus isn't perfectly symmetrical, and that you can see pencil strokes - so what? I feel so calm and relaxed just from the process of creating my mandala...mine is drawn freehand, but of course you can always trace or like I said before, print out your own. So, I hope I have inspired you to create your own mandala...if you are too 'scared' to paint a picture, this could be the perfect starting point for you...put on some inspiring music, grab some pencils and paper, and go wild with the colours that sing to your heart and soul...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gone fishing...

Just thought I would share some pics from our weekend at the beach...this was my view from my little chair that I propped on the front of the boat. Isn't it gorgeous? The sunshine was magical as it played upon the water, and the clouds were just incredible. So deadlines, no worries, just us and that beautiful ocean.
I didn't manage to catch one single fish...the mister caught a couple though...I just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine on my face and the light playing upon the water. Bliss.
I hope that everyone else had a wonderful weekend.

I shall pop back in later in the week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Most Beautiful Village

Today my friends and I went to this beautiful artists' village for a lovely lunch. This is such a magical, peaceful place, and the sun was shining for us...a beautiful day indeed. I really want to do a little pond like this in my back garden...water lilies and all.
This is my beautiful friend Helen, whose birthday is tomorrow - we were celebrating early.
And here are all of us enjoying our apple tarts...
I know - does it get any better? Peacocks roam about the garden. They are so very beautiful.
After our lunch we wandered about the gardens (there are 12 acres here), and checked out all the beautiful old buildings...
Just look at the beautiful leadlights...I am in seventh heaven when I am here...
Just look at that beautiful iron spiral staircase!
Secret doorways leading to beautiful spaces.
Such majestic buildings. I could stay here all day.
Montsalvat is a very old artist's colony.
Mother hen with her baby chicks.
Artfully yours...
A collage made by me for my friend...embellished with flowers pressed from my own garden.
I made this little fabric collage as well. Both are inside a gorgeous wooden photo box with a silver lid - silly me forgot to take a photo of the whole thing, but you get the idea. 
A most enjoyable girls' day out...I had so many photos, it was difficult to choose which ones to share, but I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our day.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow dear Helen xxx

"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."

If you would like to know more about Montsalvat just go here to read about the history and what's on.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This week, the lovely Miss Jo decided to set a challenge for some girls - to make a dreamcatcher.  Well, I was a little slow (you know, the usual procrastination, plus a dose of general can't be bothered and a touch of too busy looking after everyone else). Anyway, I got there in the end, and this is my creation, made completely with stuff I had in the house.  I tore strips of muslin and covered a wire coat hanger, and then began embellishing with cotton, beads, brown string, lace and feathers I found in my garden.

The centre is just cut from a doily and embellished with a fabric flower.  Too easy, and lots of fun.  My girls have already requested one each for over their beds...I can't wait to try a more colourful version. Perhaps with a peacock feather or two? Go check out Jo's to get some more ideas. Her stuff is always so fun and uniquely Jo.
So, what do you reckon? Wanna have a go? I'd love to see them if you do - maybe let me know, then I can link them all on here.

I had a very powerful dream the other night...the kind that feels very important and has a different sort of quality to it. It gave me goosebumps in the dream, but when I shared it with a very dear friend (who doesn't think I'm too crazy), she said she got goosebumps too, so maybe I didn't dream them. My dream held some symbols which I didn't really understand, so when I awoke, I did a bit of research and now feel I was being given a very important message.

Just wondering if anyone else has these types of dreams? The kind that you can't shake easily, and that feel like they hold an important message....

I have been extra sensitive this past week and haven't quite worked out whether it was the dream, or maybe just that time of the month, hee hee...

"Dreamweaver, I believe you can get me through the night..."