Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time Flies...

On Friday night, our daughter Georgia made her Debut...we are so very proud - she looked beautiful...this is my little tomboy, who rarely wore dresses, and who used to ask to have her hair cut like the boys at school.
I have a chopping block on wheels in my kitchen, and she used to lie underneath it when she was little and pretend to be fixing a car...

When all the other girls were being fairies, she preferred to be Batman.

She is such a unique, determined, funny, smart and loyal friend, daughter, musician, student, soccer player (to name a few), and I am privileged to be her mother. (sniff)

Cousins... Georgia and Brittany


  1. You have such gorgeous girls! Of course they take after their very good looking parents ;) Congratulations, and may the joy they bring never stop xx

  2. Beautiful post! What beauty and fun! Wonderful!

  3. thanks for your lovely comments. your daughter looks like an angel! such a creative blog you have here. :)

    cara mia ♥

  4. What a beautiful post and your daughter is really, really pretty.


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