Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tea Party Unplugged...

First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for all your lovely much fun was this? And can I just begin by saying that 'nothing is ever as it seems'. Firstly, the donut machine burnt all the donuts, so Abby had to make pancakes with the mixture instead...

All Georgia's friends arrived 2 hours early and said "we're hungry", so Ian had to go get them McDonalds for lunch! Girls, where are your party frocks and hats? "Will this do?" Ok, pyjamas and messy hair is fine.

Then my sister (we look alike, don't we?) and my niece arrived...

But we did so enjoy ourselves...much tea and laughter...(the McDonalds certainly didn't spoil their appetites!) I love teenage girl energy!

Not quite sure what was in the tea though....

Enough with the photos, already!

On a more serious note, I was so sorry to hear of Vanessa's loss of her beloved furbaby. My heart aches for her, for as I've shared here before, I lost my little Bobby dog in January, and it hurts so very much. When he went over the Rainbow Bridge, a dear friend told me about a wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle called 'Guardians of Being'. It's a lovely book full of spiritual teaching.

'Just watching an animal closely can take you out of your mind and bring you into the present moment, which is where the animal lives all the time - surrendered to life.'

'The human says "I love myself" or "I hate myself." The dog says "woof, woof," which translated, means


I call that integrity - being one with yourself.'

'What is it that so many people find enchanting in animals? Their essence - THEIR BEING - is not covered by the mind, as it is in most humans.

And whenever you feel that essence in another, you also feel it in yourself.'

'Every being is a spark of the Divine or God. Look into the eyes of the dog and sense that innermost core.'

Again, I thankyou all for was so lovely to meet new friends, and I do hope you will return for a visit soon - we are all most definitely mad here!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for a Tea Party

Oh hello and welcome! Before we sit down to tea, I have some flowers for the lovely Miss Vanessa of who so graciously decided to host such a splendiferous affair!

Since deciding to participate in the Mad Tea Party, Pip and I have been perusing cookbooks, so we could serve you a most delicious feast...

So, won't you take my hand and come with me on a Carousel adventure...I'm sure the tea party can't be too far away...just down this little path....

Ooh! It must be nearby...

What have we here? Ooh, Pip, how did you get through the looking glass? Wait for me!

Aha! This looks like the place!

Which cup would you like to choose? I've been collecting them for quite a while now...

This one is my favourite!

Little Pip, you do look adorable in your party clothes!

Miss Abby! I'm so glad you could make it! You look simply gorgeous!
And the Fairy Queen is here too! She is sure to sprinkle her magic about!

These fairies are ready to party!

The table is set...won't you sit down?

Would you care for some Honey Joys?

White Chocolate Cupcake perhaps?

How about some chocolate brownies?

Miss Abby, how's your tea? Would you like a ginger biscuit?

Simply delightful...should do it more often, really....

Ooh, these look delicious! And a little carousel horse on top! How sweet...

Every Christmas morning, I would find coloured popcorn in my stocking...always a treat! Go on...have a taste!

Perhaps a biscuit is more to your liking?

I've just popped the sausage rolls in the oven...would you like a little zucchini muffin while you wait?

It's been such a lovely afternoon...the sun is beginning to set. Please don't leave yet...I can light some candles, and you can stay a bit longer can't you? We've got so much to talk about!

I'm so full! Everything looks twice as lovely by candlelight.
It's been such a pleasure to have you all here today. I do hope you enjoyed yourself...please come back to visit's always a treat to meet new friends and share a cup of tea.

Goodbye! I'm off to visit everyone else's tea party - what fun!