Friday, June 24, 2011

Mad Tea Party Time..and a little update below...

Oh good, you've arrived just in time...I've made a fresh pot of tea. Come in, come in - make yourselves at home.

                                             Please help yourself to whatever takes your fancy...(adorable little peacock spoon a gift from my beautiful friend Melissa)
Pip has dressed up for the occassion...she is so pleased you could make it. She's been nagging me all week..."How many more sleeps?"
                                 The little fairy made some cupcakes...would you like one?
She is happy to share her lolly bag with her best friend...oh, and you of course...

Careful girls...Pip can sniff those lollies a mile away!
Would you like another cup?

Perhaps you would like a little cake? I've had 3 already... favourite... fruit tart...
So glad everybody could make it...just shoo the little birdie off your cup...oh goodness, I hope she didn't have a little accident in there??? Let me get you a fresh cup...

You really shouldn't have brought did you know tulips are one of my favourites?

Marshmallow, anyone? We can toast them by the fire if you like...

Don't forget to grab a lollipop before you go...
My goodness, time flies when you are having fun...I'd ask you to stay a while, but I know you have lots of other visits to make...thankyou so much for coming, it's been a hoot!

Just click here for all the other parties to visit...have fun!

And a big thankyou to the one and only MISS VANESSA for hosting such a scrumptious affair!


I just wanted to let everybody know that I am slowly getting around to visiting you all...what fun! As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, blogger is being annoying and not letting me post a comment on some of your blogs, but please know that I am popping in on each and every one of you, and I do so appreciate everyone who has stopped by here to say hello - it's always lovely to meet new friends xxx

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The time is drawing near...

I've just popped in to check that you all have your party frocks ready for the Mad Tea Party on the 25th June...Pip and I can't wait for you all to come over. There will be tea and cakes and lots of sweet things to share. See you really soon x

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oranges and Lemons...and a secret garden.

 I have been baking...this orange cake is simply divine, and oh so easy to make. You must try it - here is the recipe...


2 oranges
1 cup sugar
6 eggs
2 cups almond meal

Cover oranges with water, bring to boil then simmer for 1 hour. Cool completely, then remove seeds (I don't bother with either), and puree. Beat eggs and sugar together, add puree and almond meal. Stir well, pour into greased cake tin and bake at 160 degrees celcius for 70 minutes. (Mine was actually done after 65 minutes, so just check it with a skewer after an hour).

That's it people! How easy is that? It's just perfect sprinkled with icing sugar and served with a generous dollop of double cream - mmmmmm.

I am wondering if I could try lemons in this with some poppy seeds, seeing as my lemon tree has been quite prolific...big word, I know...
I have been out in the front garden planting some beautiful roses that were a gift from a dear friend. I am very spoilt indeed...I love the idea of this type of gift. Once my roses start to bloom and grow, I shall think of Jo each time I cut an armful to bring inside. There is so much weeding to be done, so I shall try to do a little each day this week...I just love the smell of the earth this time of the year. I am inspired to keep going...
The view outside my dining room this time of the year makes me camellias are all beginning to bloom...just perfect to bring inside to fill my vases.

...and I am waiting to have this little garden room paved, so I can begin planting a woodland garden...looking down from our back deck.

I will keep you updated, as this little project starts to happen. What's everyone else been up to?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

A new painting...and that is all.

 I finished another painting this week, and I really love it...Abby has claimed it for her bedroom wall. The words are not by me - they are on a poster - but I just find these words completely inspiring. Here's a closer look.
The creative juices are flowing again...sorry about the short post, but I think the painting says it all...

Monday, June 06, 2011

When you wish upon a star...

I have had the most magical few days, so I wanted to share some pictures with you...when I discovered the blogworld a few years ago now, I never imagined that I would become friends with such amazing kindred sisters. It has been so wonderful. When I was in a sad place Jo's little blog 'Old Flowers 4 Me' became a welcome escape for me, and I looked forward with anticipation for her next post. I just loved her world - it spoke to the child inside of me, and just resonated with my playful side. So imagine my delight this weekend when a wish came true!!! I visited her home - 'Fairy Cake Pond' - and it was just as magical in the flesh as it is on her blog. We ate little cakes and sipped cups of tea and glasses of bubbly - it was a wonderful afternoon spent with new friends. Here we are in the kitchen at Jo's...

Me having some sticky date pudding - thanks Nola - everywhere you look at Jo's are her wonderful collections. Even her kitchen cupboards are filled with her treasures that she has been collecting since she was 11! Can you believe that? Truly, I feel so blessed and so inspired after visiting her beautiful home. This internet can be such a wonderful place to meet like-minded people. I have another little story...there is someone else who I have 'met' through this virtual world, although she doesn't yet have a blog - her name is Mel, and she has a huge heart...imagine my delight when Jo presented me with a gift from Mel that she had sent in the post...a beautiful crystal. Thankyou sweet Mel x
...and do you see the gorgeous peacock necklace I am wearing? Another gift from another beautiful soul who also happens to be called Melissa...this one from Fancilious Fairyland blog. I LOVE this, and have barely had it off! You absolutely have to check out Melissa's blog if you haven't done so already - she makes the most amazing fairy gardens...thankyou dear Melissa - you definitely made my day. (She also sent me a gorgeous little peacock spoon and some peacock notecards which I can't wait to start using).

In the words of the lovely Jo.... "Dreams do come true"

p.s. I don't know what's going on with blogger, but I have tried to leave comments on several of your blogs, and for some reason, it won't let me - grrrrrr - I also can no longer access my flikr account - what the? So please know, that I have been peeking into your little worlds to see what you have been up to...

Now I am off to make Lemon Delicious with the lemons picked from my tree - mum and dad are coming for dinner tonight, so I am cooking up a feast. Ta ta for now...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's almost time...

 Do you remember last year when we all visited one another for the wonderful 'Mad Tea Party' that the one and only Miss Vanessa organised? Well, it's time to get out your stripey socks, people! Because it was just so much fun, I have decided to join in again this year.

I'd better pop on my apron, tie back my hair, pour myself  a cocktail or two, and get baking...please don't be late. Check out A Fanciful Twist blog for all the details - I'd love to share a cuppa with you. Time to crack out the cookbooks and magazines for some mind-blowing inspiration...cheers!