Sunday, March 14, 2010

A River Runs Through It

A river can give a city it's very soul, and yet I know from travelling the country and visiting many cities built on rivers that we have largely forgotten that they are sources of spirituality...

People who live in cities blessed with this kind of water need access to the river, to draw it's nurturing spirit into their hearts...

Spending time by a river teaches us many things, one of them the flow of life, its constant movement, and it's clear that an enchanted life demands an appreciation of this flow.

Thomas Moore

The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life

I am so blessed to live only 10 minutes drive from a wonderful place called Warrandyte, home to an eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants, galleries and nurseries that reflect the rich population of potters, painters and artisans that live here.

I love to come here, grab a curry pie from the delicious wood-fired bakery, and sit beside the river and soak up all of the spiritual goodness.

It is also wonderful to browse amongst the many gorgeous shops and galleries, or go for a walk beside the river.

Not too far from Warrandyte is another lovely, bushy town called very favourite shop is here, which I have taken some photos of (sorry the quality isn't fantastic). I never leave here without some little treasure to bring home.

Is there somewhere you go to feed your soul? I'd love to hear about your sacred places...


  1. Wow..what a place of enchantment and spirit..I could totally spend a day enjoy all these treasures and have loads of fun! Just beautiful..brilliant post!

  2. Wow! That's an amazing place! You are blessed to live near such enchantment and soul-inspiring places!

  3. I live quite close to the Hudson River but being right next to New York City it lacks the charm (at least in my opinion) of quaint places such as yours...sigh...I am glad you realize how lucky you are. The shops are gorgeous, and I love some of the names (Ratty & Moles :0) I don't have idyllic places close by that is why I am always daydreaming. xxx


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