Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Artful shoes...(or when I'm feeling totally blah)

I won't lie to you...some days, being a mum to 2 teenage girls, along with their mood swings, can get me down. Today began much like any other. I drove the girls to school, and instead of driving straight back home like I usually do, I parked the car and went for a walk...I love to discover new places to walk, and after half an hour or so, I managed to find myself on a very quiet, bushy street...I felt the tension melting away.

After an hour of walking, I returned to where my car was parked, and treated myself to a latte in a favourite cafe - by now, I was feeling much better.

When I got home, I prepared the slow cooker (I can smell it as I type - Moroccan beef - it smells delicious).

Now some days, I have a tendency to get 'stuck'. I have all of these creative ideas swirling about my head, but often that's where they stay...infuriating, I know.

So, I put some 'new age' music on, turned on my fairy fountain, got out the paints, and set up out on my back deck.

I found an old pair of shoes in my wardrobe that I had bought for a few bucks years ago for a fancy dress. Armed with my sharpie pen and some paints, I went to town...

There's nothing like being creative outside in my garden to return myself back to me, if you know what I mean...these little beauties were such fun to do...tomorrow I buy the dyes and begin embellishing all the slips and camisoles I have been collecting...hmmm....we'll see if that happens, he he.


  1. Oh, I do love them so! wish I could draw like that, but unless I have a template to follow, even a simple circle would be crooked :0) I know what you mean about having one of those days, but a walk and the sound of a fairy fountain can cure anything, right? Please do show the embellished slips and camisoles, I'm sure they'll be great. xx

  2. hi there! i'm slated to be a guest curator on crescendoh.com (week of July 12-16) and i would love to use this fun post on www.crescendoh .com if you are ok with it.

    can you email me at: keeshagirl4@aol.com and let me know if this is ok with you?



  3. I have twin boys who will be 18 in a couple of weeks and my daughter just turned 14, so I completely understand about teenage mood swings. I love what you did to your old shoes (how fun), and the fairy fountain idea is wonderful.


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