Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Like a Puppet on a String


I watched a little movie the other day featuring one of my favourite actresses, Leslie Caron...it was called Lili, and it was a lovely little story about a girl who joins a puppet show in a carnival. I was completely mesmerised... I have added it here.

I love puppets, and so does my brother. He recently fulfilled a lifetime dream of owning his own 'little boy'...ha, he is so funny with this little guy who he named Jimmy. Truly, we forget that Jimmy isn't actually the one talking...and a post about puppets isn't complete without including

Pinocchio - this little guy was a gift to the girls from their nana and pop from overseas, many years ago...somewhere along the way he appears to have lost an arm.

Remember to take the time to play...your inner child depends on it!

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