Monday, March 22, 2010

Organic Goodness for Body and Soul

Just a hop, skip and jump from where I live is this amazing Community Environment Park called shares it's name with the Roman Goddess for Agriculture. It is an internationally recognised model of a sustainable society, located on 10 acres, close to our city. It runs on renewable energy, and conserves and recycles its water and waste. It also grows organic food and teaches environmentally friendly living. Pretty cool, huh?

It has been in existence for 27 years and employs 150 people. It is a not for profit organisation.

It has a nursery, and an organic farm and market...

On the first Saturday of each month it offers a community baking group, where you can bring along food to be baked in their wood oven...they encourage people to bring along musical instruments while their food is cooking.

How cool is this tree house?

Looking down on the cafe, where they often have musicians playing while you eat the yummy, organic meals...or just enjoy a chai...or perhaps a glass of vino?

Me sitting outside a typical Mongolian Ger.

There are lots of unusual sculptures dotted about the gardens....

The Cafe (I had the felafel and pumpkin baguette...yummy)

These are the lovelies who joined me for nice to catch up with these gorgeous girls...


  1. I a m so glad you stopped by my blog...'cause I get to see all your cool photos about the park! Wow..what a great place ! I want t o go...!

  2. what an inspiration this place is, thankyou so much for taking us there. its exactly what we want to do here on our 54 acre farm, the views are amazing and our village is begging for something different than fishing and farming, we know we're the people to do it, but money money money!
    I will show kel when he wakes up seeing as its 3am and i hsould be sleeping!!!
    but theres a cricket under my bed that we couldnt catch and i can hear him shuffling, i know he is trying to climb the sheets to crawl into my ear! hehe
    im bad for bug dreams, and anywho it means im here!
    so how is the slip dying going????

  3. Oh how wonderful...this looks like fun. Thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. Have an amazing day!

  4. Wow..fantastic post! I am awestruck by the magic and beauty. I love Ceres..I would love it there..I would get up to alot of fun I am sure!! Great always share a slice of the unique and enchanted!
    Have a happy sparkly day!

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for popping by...I love it when you all visit! Ceres is wonderful, and Sheree, I am sure that you and your hubby are the people to make it happen where you live - where there's a will there's a way...(I am hoping the bug didn't make it into your ear!) You should check out their website


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