Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Winds of Change....

I have been neglecting my blog, it seems...I don't know why. Just haven't felt I had anything of significance to share. The days seem to fly by so fast, and I honestly don't know where the time goes. The autumn days are getting cooler, and it's the perfect weather for snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book, cooking and baking yummy food for the family and enjoying the sanctuary of my bed....

I am sitting here thinking about one of my favourite movies, 'Chocolat'. I just love everything about it, from the brooding gypsy that is played so eloquently by the divine Johnny Depp, to the beautiful Juliette Binoche, resplendant in her Frenchy frocks and gorgeous red shoes...and don't even start me on that quaint little chocolate shop that sits on a cobbled French street. I can't count how many times I have watched it, and would love to have a seat at the birthday table of Armande, and just marinate in the decadence of the occassion....mmmm

My youngest Abby, loves the movie also, and even wants to name her first daughter Anouk!

But what is most resonating with me at the moment is when the winds of change begin to blow and Vianne becomes restless....yes, I have a little gypsy in me, and need change or I become claustrophobic and uninspired.

So. this week, I have been busy thinking about decorating. I have been moving furniture, and studying curtain samples (yes, finally I am going to commit to having curtains made!)

Isn't it funny how our tastes can change over the years? But I really am a true bohemian at heart, and really want to portray a style that is uniquely 'me'. No more playing it safe for everyone else...if we can't decorate the way that makes us feel happy and inspired, then, I don't know...what's the point? I choose to describe my decorating style as eclectic, French, surely I won't be bored?

Most photos here are mine...alas, the bohemian bedroom is not, and I am sorry but I can't recall where I got it - I have had it saved in my computer for a while....The dreamy outfit is by the gorgeous "Gypsy Moon"...check out their amazing website - drool - just wanted to give you an idea of the look (and colour) I am going for in my curtains.

Hope all is well in your worlds, and that your days are filled with magic.....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nia and other random bits...

Wow! This morning I went along to an exercise class called 'Nia' was incredible! Check out the video above - now, this is my kind of exercise.

I used to be an Aerobics Instructor (many years ago), and I worked in gyms and was pretty much exercise and diet obsessed. Over the years, I have tried to stay fit and healthy, but as I get older, it does get more difficult. I just don't seem to have the same energy (or enthusiasm) that I once had.

Last year, as I've mentioned here before, I went back to school, pretty much full time to study Art Therapy. Along the way, looking after myself physically kind of took a back seat, and the weight began to creep on. I have never had a problem with my weight before, but I do feel that now I am a bit heavier than I would like to be. Which is what led me to enquire about these classes. I love Nia because it is for any fitness level, and you listen to your own body and move in the way that feels right for really is quite amazing.

I have also begun running again...just a couple of times a week, and not very far, but slowly I feel that I am getting myself back on track. It really is so important to look after mind, body and soul for total wellness.

I am trying hard to eat healthy as well (although I fell off the wagon over the weekend), and am checking out wholesome food blogs to get some much needed inspiration...I'm sick of cooking the same old boring meals. Today, I am making a roasted cauliflower soup for dinner, and will also be making some yummy homemade vegetarian pizzas...yum. Our fruit bowl is always full of yummy fruit...

And to feed my soul...this book is on my bedside table, and I can't wait to start reading it...hope everyone had a wonderful weekend - mine was a busy one, catching up with friends and family...

P.S. The soup was incredible - so easy (let me know if you want the recipe). I served it with sourdough croutons and low-fat bacon bits - yummo!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Little Slideshow" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" scale="noscale" salign="l" wmode="transparent" flashvars="cy=gn&il=1&channel=2666130979436406549&" style="width:426px;height:320px" name="flashticker" align="middle">

Ooh, I'm thinking I'm just so clever to do this little slideshow....(or see what happens when she has a couple of wines with dinner...) and another mixed media painting...these are such fun. I love getting out the paints, papers, glue and pastels and just smooching it all on - lots of fun.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Carousel Adventure

Well, I'm back! After spending some time at the beach for Easter, we made an unexpected trip to Sydney...Ian was working, but Abby and I went along for a holiday...Georgia decided to stay home.

No doubt about it...Sydney is a beautiful city, with amazing restaurants and views to die for...

Plenty of entertainment along Circular Quay...where we caught ferries to see all the sights. Isn't the Opera House amazing? I dared Abby to sing on the steps, but she wouldn't be in it!

Just behind the Sydney Opera House is Government House, and we wandered through the beautiful gardens.

After all the walking, Abby decided to have a rest in the room, so Ian and I checked out this incredible bar nearby...after which, we decided to catch a ferry to Darling Harbour....

Um, Ian, are you sure this is the right ferry?

Whoops! Wrong ferry...we ended up in Manly! "Never mind", said I, "It shall be an adventure!" And it was...we happened upon a beautiful seafood restaurant, and enjoyed a most delicious meal...

The next night, we caught the ferry across the harbour to Luna Park, where I agreed to accompany Abby on some rides (I drew the short straw!) What happens when you get older? I used to love going on rides, now they just make me feel sick, and hurt my back and neck!

Can you spot us with our hands in the air?

Oooh, Abby, that ferris wheel is awfully high!

I am seriously woosy when it comes to heights! Oh My God, I can't believe I was up this high...don't look down! Upside was the views of Sydney Harbour from the top of the ferris wheel were amazing!

The next day Ian was busy working, so Abby and I took a bus to the Paddington Market...

Goodbye Sydney - you are a beautiful city, but it's nice to be home, even though it is freezing here and we have lit our open fire!

I also want to thank all of you for your lovely comments about my last mixed media are all very kind, and I can't wait to get back into some art - lots of new ideas and inspiration from Sydney.