Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting my craft on...

I have been playing with my fabric stash, and came up with this collage of bits and pieces...sooooo, I decided to make a journal cover out of the finished piece...ta da!
Ready for some mindblowing inspiration, scribblings and thoughts...this was fun! 

Also, visited the wonderful Heide Museum to check out an exhibition of one of my very favourite artists, Mirka Mora...she is such an inspiration to me. Mum and I spent a lovely day soaking up the inspiration, and enjoying a lovely lunch in the cafe. Here I am standing outside the windows where Mirka painted one of her fabulous murals.

and here is a picture of her painting the windows...
As well as her gorgeous paintings, her cloth dolls were also on display.  Hmmm...I have decided to make one of my own...

Here are the beginnings of my art doll, inspired by the wonderful Mirka Mora...
Can't wait to show you the finished product...


  1. Beautiful journal cover and I love those windows she is painting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. inspiration is such a wonderful give-and-take special thing =D

  3. Yay...what a fun and fabulous post!! OOh I LOVE your creations are such an inspiring spiritess!! Hugs..beautiful!

    and oh my..what a gorgeous window gallery of creativity...awesome..and such a lovely pic of you..! magical..thanks for sharing your creative world with us sparks me to life!

    Have a happy day and magical wkd ahead my sweet friend!

  4. Yeah! I agree with our lovely friend Victoria! Your journal cover is very beautiful and i really like the style of this painter! And she looks so beautiful in the photo! And you too!! But the nicest of all is the doll you inspired! I can't wait to see it finished! It looks super cute and magical doll !!! Kisses and have a great month my friend!

  5. I know...I am reading your posts out of order. Sorry for my silliness! LOL The collage you created is amazing! How lovely that you turned it into a gorgeous journal cover. And the work of Mirka is so playful and fun - I liked seeing your art doll in its initial stages. The final product is glorious! THeresa

  6. Love you collaged book cover - fabulous combo of colours and texture.
    How wonderful to see Mirka's work - ana mazing lady
    Love your art doll

  7. As usual, I love everything! Great work and neverending energy. Have a beautiful weekend XO


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