Monday, March 14, 2011

Gone fishing...

Just thought I would share some pics from our weekend at the beach...this was my view from my little chair that I propped on the front of the boat. Isn't it gorgeous? The sunshine was magical as it played upon the water, and the clouds were just incredible. So deadlines, no worries, just us and that beautiful ocean.
I didn't manage to catch one single fish...the mister caught a couple though...I just sat back and enjoyed the sunshine on my face and the light playing upon the water. Bliss.
I hope that everyone else had a wonderful weekend.

I shall pop back in later in the week.


  1. I love the sea. It looks like you had a nice and relaxing time.

  2. Yay,sounds like such a beautiful day..looks so gorgeous where you are!! Lucky!!
    Hey....can you wave your magical-carousel wand and make my snow disppear so i can go to the beach too!?
    Thanks a million!!
    Have a happy week my sparkling friend!

  3. How gorgeous and so serene. There is nothing like looking upon the water - so inspiring. And those fish! Thank you for sharing your beautiful weekend! Theresa


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