Monday, March 07, 2011

Pretty Picnic

Follow me down into the garden...
It's a picnic just for us...
Pip wants to play hide and seek...she wears flowers in her hair.

                                 I don't have many words this week...just some pretty pictures. I hope to return soon.

                    "Be still and let the beauty come" - Sark


  1. I'm so jealous of your pretty tea time. I cant wait to have such lovely flowers and warm weather!

  2. Such pretty picnic indeed!
    oh, I love your vintage tea set and your garden looks beautiful with the blue flowers. :-)
    I can't think of anything better than sitting in the garden on a warm sunny day, with a big piece of chocolate cake!
    Pip is so cute as well... Thank you for this lovely post on a dull day in the UK.
    Have a magical week! xx

  3. Dear Tina, at times, words are not necessary to convey all that we are feeling ... these most beautiful but quiet images speak volumes themselves. A blissful day spent in such company and amidst such finery would make any friend feel like a queen. And no afternoon is ever complete without our furry-footed ones in tow! :) Thank you, for a lovely visit! :)

  4. Though I may not comment often, I must say I do enjoy visiting this lovely place of yours! Your picnic pictures have planted a deeper yearning for Springtime. I can't wait to have myself a picnic!!
    All the best!

  5. What a wonderful picnic! I wish i would be there with you, drinking hot tea and eating some of this yummy sweet and.... playing with lovely Pip of course! Lovely pictures and the flowers are soooo beautiful! Here it is snowing! Do you believe that! I'm staying home and creating! oH! Almost forgot to mention! Come and check my blog whenever you can (: ! I prepared something nice for all of you! ;)

  6. Oh Miss Pip looks so fancy with flowers in her hair!!! What a lovely picnic...I would ADORE a slice of cake with my tea, thank you!! Love Love Love you dear Tina!!

  7. Tina Tina!!! You are so fabulous...such magnificent imagination is stirred and my heart is I would love to have a magical picnic with are such a special soul...I think you are amazing!! Love those pillows...
    Hugs...oooh I love cute..and everything is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for uplifting my day!
    Sparkles and love from across the oceans!!

    PS: what is that beautiful blue flowering!! and I adore your dishes..

  8. What beautiful pictures.....I am dreaming of Spring and a picnic of my own....your garden is beautiful, magical and enchanting.....I can feel the warm sun on my face....

  9. What a fabulously pretty picnic! That cake looks amazingly delicious. :) And how pretty Pip looks with flowers in her fur. :) Look at that happy face! Take care! Theresa


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