Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This week, the lovely Miss Jo decided to set a challenge for some girls - to make a dreamcatcher.  Well, I was a little slow (you know, the usual procrastination, plus a dose of general can't be bothered and a touch of too busy looking after everyone else). Anyway, I got there in the end, and this is my creation, made completely with stuff I had in the house.  I tore strips of muslin and covered a wire coat hanger, and then began embellishing with cotton, beads, brown string, lace and feathers I found in my garden.

The centre is just cut from a doily and embellished with a fabric flower.  Too easy, and lots of fun.  My girls have already requested one each for over their beds...I can't wait to try a more colourful version. Perhaps with a peacock feather or two? Go check out Jo's to get some more ideas. Her stuff is always so fun and uniquely Jo.
So, what do you reckon? Wanna have a go? I'd love to see them if you do - maybe let me know, then I can link them all on here.

I had a very powerful dream the other night...the kind that feels very important and has a different sort of quality to it. It gave me goosebumps in the dream, but when I shared it with a very dear friend (who doesn't think I'm too crazy), she said she got goosebumps too, so maybe I didn't dream them. My dream held some symbols which I didn't really understand, so when I awoke, I did a bit of research and now feel I was being given a very important message.

Just wondering if anyone else has these types of dreams? The kind that you can't shake easily, and that feel like they hold an important message....

I have been extra sensitive this past week and haven't quite worked out whether it was the dream, or maybe just that time of the month, hee hee...

"Dreamweaver, I believe you can get me through the night..."


  1. First of all...your dreamcatcher is just lovely! Very soft and calming...a place to soothe those dreams that get caught in those gorgeous silk threads! I love the little angel wings on the top...and the beads...and delicate yet powerful!

    Secondly....very peculiar. I have very vivid dreams and am always eager to share them as I can always come up with a message sent to me from dreamland! However, the dreams I have had lately have been much more....complex...kind of staying with me longer than my normal dreams.....I have been told that it may have something to do with the earth starting to move faster and things becoming more "urgent" as the earth spins faster and faster moving into 2112. I kind of blew that off and haven't even thought about it until now after reading your post!

    SO YES I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD MAKE A DREAM CATCHER TOO!!! ....and yes my sweet friend, peacock feathers are a MUST for your next go!!! Great post...sweet dreams!!!

  2. Your dream catcher is stunning! I love the delicacy of it and the creamy beauty. I often wonder what my dreams mean. Most of the time I cannot remember, but sometimes I do. For two nights in a row, I had dreams of saving dogs. Interesting stuff dreams are. Have a wonderful week! Theresa

  3. Oh my...your dreamcatcher is gorgeousa nd so unique..enchanting Tina!! Wonderful photos!! always brighten my world!

    Ooooh Yay..your power dreams sound you are not crazy at happens to me too..alseep..and awake!! Shine on...enjoy the new gifts you are recieving from this powerful experience...treasure all of yoru spirit to it and receieve....enjoy!! Magic!!
    hugs and love

  4. I like this version of the Dream Catcher... all of mine are Native American made the traditional way, but this is a beautiful Romantic version that I have never seen before!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Yes, my dreams always seem to have a very big impact on my waking time. I feel plauged by imagery, sound and emotion from them, even if I cant remember the dream (Which does'nt happen that often!) and feel emotionally 'roller-coastered' sometimes!!
    Dreams are a strange thing...
    I love your blog, by the way!!

  6. It is beautiful. I have one in our guestroom that a friend made years ago. I would love to make one myself some day.

  7. Your Dream Catcher is beautiful! I don't remember very many of my dreams anymore....I think it might be the medication I am on....but the ones I do remember are ones that are very emotionally draining....

  8. im so glad you made a dream looks so good hanging over your bed...

  9. Yeah, you are so creative and have a very wide imagination. Oh well, I must say that in order to be a good designer you must have those characteristics. Good job for you girl!


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