Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lotus Gardens and a peaceful Mandala

This week, I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful Lotus Garden with my mum. Such a peaceful, beautiful place, set amidst the mountains of the Yarra Valley near my home.  It was quite magical, and reminded me of Bali...suprising that such a place exists here.

Isn't this pretty with the mountains in the background? The lakes are filled with lotus and waterlilies, and the sound of frogs carries through the air...we are near the end of March, so it is almost the end of the flowering season, but it was still delightful to behold.
I love the Buddhist symbolism of the Lotus Flower - awakening to the spiritual reality of life. Quite poignant I feel, at this point of my life's journey, where I am re-evaluating so much about myself and the world in which I live. 

The Lotus Flower's pattern of growth represents the progress of the begins with it's roots in the mud at the bottom of the pond. Slowly, it grows up towards the water's surface, moving all the time, towards the light.  As it emerges from the water, it begins to blossom and turn into a beautiful flower. 

As metaphor, it has endured the 'mud and muck' of materialism, and negotiated it's way through the waters of experience to emerge into the bright sunshine of enlightenment. Beautiful. At times, I still feel like I am stuck in the mud, but then I remind myself of all that I have and am grateful for the life I have been blessed with.

All of this beauty has inspired me to explore a mandala featuring, you guessed it, a Lotus times of stress and emotional upheaval, sitting down and drawing a mandala is one of the most relaxing, meditative things to do - have you ever tried it? I know mandalas are a wonderful Art Therapy tool...time has no significance once you immerse yourself in this beautiful past-time. And even if you don't feel like drawing your own mandala, there are so many designs you can print straight from the internet and just colour with pencil, or crayon or paint...a most relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
And yes, I realise that my lotus isn't perfectly symmetrical, and that you can see pencil strokes - so what? I feel so calm and relaxed just from the process of creating my mandala...mine is drawn freehand, but of course you can always trace or like I said before, print out your own. So, I hope I have inspired you to create your own mandala...if you are too 'scared' to paint a picture, this could be the perfect starting point for you...put on some inspiring music, grab some pencils and paper, and go wild with the colours that sing to your heart and soul...


  1. You have so many beautiful places in australia!! This place is wonderful, magical! Wow! It looks like you are in an exotic place indeed! I love your mandala lotus draw and i'm thinking to draw one too cause i need to relax for a while! You always inspires me my friend ! Thank you! Kisseeees :) !

  2. Beautiful post!! Fabulous Tina..your gorgeous mandala is so beautiful and uplifting..I love it! we are such kindreds..i love creating them too..and i think free hand is most fun and intuitive way to do them..yours sings with so much magic and spirituality and harmony..i feel it..beautiful! I find creating mandalas and all kinds of symbolic maps/labyrinths/art mazes very healing and very activating!! Wonderful post..thanks for sharing your marvelous insights and wisdom always!! Shine on!!
    Thanks for all the beautiful photos today..really awe-inspiring...
    Have a beautiful wkd my kindred sister

  3. Oh Tina, what a lovely post ... how lusciously verdant! I found the words, food for my soul ... indeed, I think we all feel a bit like we are forging through the muck seeking light. Such promise to think such beauty awaits!

    Your mandala is breathtaking! The colors are glorious and each petal unique, like you! :) I wouldn't change a stroke. Do you not find it amazing how much we can learn from nature itself? If only I could obtain this information for longer periods of time ... thank you for bringing the wisdom to my attention, yet again.

    Wishing you a Happy Shamrock's Day ... may your day be filled with much sparkle!

  4. You do live in a beautiful place!

    That piccie in your last post of the fish is just lovely. Would make a great painting!

  5. Beautiful Post, lovely peaceful meditative Garden... and yes, I've recently begun to explore the Mandala and got a Mandala Gift Set to begin my Journey of this form of Art and relaxation. Your Lotus Flower is lovely!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I'm not a fan of perfection :0) love things to come from the heart, open and free. Your Mandala has captured your spirit. I love it! Beautiful post, as always. Love and light XO

  7. Hi Tina! What AMAZING inspiration! So green and lush and alive yet so serene. Your mandala is just stunning. The colors are perfect. Thank you for sharing such beauty - take care! Theresa

  8. ~good morning my dear friend...your lotus flower is gorgeous as it came from the heart of you and that is what matters the most!!! my husband and i on our fifth anniversary both had a lotus flower tattooed on our lower back...its meaning beholds such push through the muck as said and flourish blossom and bloom into a majestic piece...sigh...a gorgeous post my friend and so happy you were gifted time to spend with your mum...i hope this finds you well...much love light and blessings~


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