Friday, March 11, 2011

A Most Beautiful Village

Today my friends and I went to this beautiful artists' village for a lovely lunch. This is such a magical, peaceful place, and the sun was shining for us...a beautiful day indeed. I really want to do a little pond like this in my back garden...water lilies and all.
This is my beautiful friend Helen, whose birthday is tomorrow - we were celebrating early.
And here are all of us enjoying our apple tarts...
I know - does it get any better? Peacocks roam about the garden. They are so very beautiful.
After our lunch we wandered about the gardens (there are 12 acres here), and checked out all the beautiful old buildings...
Just look at the beautiful leadlights...I am in seventh heaven when I am here...
Just look at that beautiful iron spiral staircase!
Secret doorways leading to beautiful spaces.
Such majestic buildings. I could stay here all day.
Montsalvat is a very old artist's colony.
Mother hen with her baby chicks.
Artfully yours...
A collage made by me for my friend...embellished with flowers pressed from my own garden.
I made this little fabric collage as well. Both are inside a gorgeous wooden photo box with a silver lid - silly me forgot to take a photo of the whole thing, but you get the idea. 
A most enjoyable girls' day out...I had so many photos, it was difficult to choose which ones to share, but I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our day.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow dear Helen xxx

"A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart."

If you would like to know more about Montsalvat just go here to read about the history and what's on.


  1. What a magical place to visit. I would not want to leave. Your friend is very lucky to be getting such a beautiful gift. Have a nice weekend.

  2. heart is captured and I have fallen in love a gorgeous fantastical place!AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it! I love your beautiful photos of you and your gal-pals...happy bday to your friend!

    And such gorgeous lovely art and yours flowers added in..a special magical touch..and I Love love love your creation and the peacock!! Beautiful!

    I cannot imagine how amazing it must be to have peacocks roaming around..sounds like heaven! Thanks for another magical post...much love and sparkles!!

  3. What a beautiful day you had! This place is wonderful indeed and it has peacocks there? oh my! Your photos are lovely and so is you and your friends! Have a lovely weekend fairy! :)

  4. I had to sigh when I looked at your photo - specifically the one of two great friends sitting in the summer sun in a beautiful setting, with a large glass of chilled white wine in front of them... Ah... bliss...

  5. A perfect day!...Sunshine, lunch, wine, friends, and peacocks! Could it get any better:)

    I love that you presented your friend with such an amazing gift from the heart....all YOU....what a treasure for her!!!

  6. What a MAGICAL place! I could have spent all day, there. :) And peacocks, too. :) You made such gorgeous gifts for your friend. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day - and happy early birthday to your friend! Theresa

  7. Oh my goodness, I think I have just seen paradise!
    What a BEAUTIFUL sanctuary, Tina!!! Indeed, how ever could a girls outing be anything but lovely when spent amidst such glorious beauty and kindred friendship? :)))

    Beautifully wrapped packages ... I do think a splendidly enveloped gift makes the token inside even more special. Yours looked like confection ...

  8. You visit such magical places! Great photos and beutiful gift. Glad to see your summer is just fabulous :0) Thank you for your support during my hour of need. Love and light always, XO


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