Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Blog

Can you believe it? Today my blog turns 'one'.  How the time has flown by...

I am not one to commit myself to things, so this blog has been wonderful for nurturing my creative side.  It really has become quite addictive, and the friendships I have made here have been incredible.  It is so lovely to be able to connect with like-minded people the world over.  The truth is, I wish you all lived down my street! And then I would invite each and every one of you over for afternoon tea, with treats and trinkets to delight you all.

So please, have a cupcake, and a glass of rose-scented bubbles, and let's celebrate this momentous occassion together...

Do you know just how much I love it when you all pop in? You bring a smile to my face, and I just love popping into your little worlds to see what you have all been up to.  I consider myself blessed to be in the company of such amazing people.

So....Happy Birthday Little Blog - who knows where this year may take us...and thankyou to everyone who visits here and makes me smile xxx


  1. Oh my what a beautiful post - I want to be there right now.... Can't you wave a magic wand? We awoke to another cold, grey, damp day here in the UK. I think I need to surround myself with pretty pink things like you have to create some cheer!
    Happy blog-o-versary. It is likewise always a pleasure to hop over to your carousel of dreams for a dose of creativity and sunshine. Shine on!


  2. ~me too...can i come along with a wave of a wee little sit in the warmth...sipping rose scented bubbles...sigh...and to be in the presence of a dear sweet isn't that how life should be each and everyday!!!

    wishing you a wonderful anniversary...i hope and wish for many many more days of you filling our world with wondrous glimpses of beauty and magic always floating are nothing but a beautiful blessings and gift to each...
    much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog. Wonderful pictures. We are having a snowstorm here.

  4. Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday to you..
    The cupcakes were absolutey delightful,
    And the company was too.

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog, and I am so excited to have found you. What an Enchanted journey you have taken me on this year, and what a wonderful friend you are.

    Wishes and Whimsy,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  5. Happy Birthday to my favorite Aussie!!!.....This is truly one of my favorite places to visit...I feel like we know each other...and I just know we would be instant friends if we met outside this little blog world of ours! You are so very fabulous!!! Happy day to you!!

  6. YAY!! Happy Birthday Bloggy-Tina!! I am so happy to have met you and your enchanted world!!
    Beautiful much to dazzle my heart...pure gorgeous eye candy!! Lovely..! Many sparkling wishes and dreams to you special friend! Thankyou for sharing your Carousel Dreams with us all!

  7. Happy Birthday, Carousel Dreams. I don't yet know much about you. But, at one, you are still growing and blossoming. Blossoming? I think the rose scented bubbles are tickling my senses. Good thing. I love your artwork. The peacock on the side is absolutely gorgeous. How fun it will be to come back and visit. Much Joy today. Journey Joyfully. Peace. Brianne

  8. Congratulations on not only such a beautiful blog but your one year anniversary! Your beautiful photos and enchanted visions transport me to a magical place. So much beauty and wonder. I look forward to many more visits!

  9. Happy blog birthday!!!! Your beautiful world always enchants and inspires me. I'll take one of those cupcakes, if you please. :) Here's to another amazing blogging year!!! xo Theresa

  10. im so so glad we meet ...thankyou so much for bringing sunshine into our worlds.....singing and skipping jo...

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary!! those cupcakes look divine! here's to many more creative and inspiring posts.
    xoxo natalea

  12. Happy bloggy birthday my dear bloggy friend! I love visiting you and taking the magical, enchanting adventures with's always fun.....and I wish I lived on your street much fun we could all have!!

  13. Yay Tina...thankyou for the super beautiful message you left for me...hugs..i am touched...and feel the are amazing and bring much magic and joy to my world!
    Much love and sparkles..
    PS: I shall treasure your beautiful gifts and creations forever!!

  14. Happy Birthday to carousel dreams.. such a lovely place to visit..and yes PLEASE I will never pass up a cupcake as lovely as that one....hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  15. Congratulations Tina, and cupcakes to celebrate-perfect-they are really yummy ones too, such soft icing.
    And flowers and roses all around, I love dropping by your Australian home and especially just now because you have summer to share with us!
    Love Kat x

  16. Oh Yeah!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday dear Carousel Dreams ... Tina, it has been such a pleasure getting to know you too! :) I share your sentiment ... for it would indeed be something if we all shared the same neighborhood!

    You have set a most beautiful and magical stage for your celebration ... Wishing you another wonderful year in blogland, my friend. I look forward to sharing your journey ...

  17. Hello Tina
    Your Photographs are Beautiful and your Cupcakes look Divine! Happy Birthday to you!
    Thank you for Visiting and your Sweet Comments! Paula is a Sweet Friend! Looking forward to Speaking More in the Future!
    Happy Monday almost Tuesday..Well Almost Wednesday for you??

  18. Dear friend, congratulations on this milestone. I still remember the day I stumbled upon your wonderful Carousel. What a marvelous discovery! I've enjoyed all of your posts. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world. Hugs and wishes for MANY more Blog b-days!


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