Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snapshots of Summer

Life has been moving at a very leisurely pace these days...we have been travelling back and forth between home and the beach house.  It is a funny summer - we have bursts of really hot weather, and then it rains and the temperature drops so that swimming at the beach is no longer an option. I never tire of this gorgeous view though...this is our beautiful beach, and the sound of the waves rolling in never fails to sweep the cobwebs from my mind and rejuvenute and relax me at the same time... 
Both girls are involved with surf life saving so I always know I'm in good hands...
We also did a bit of exploring, and took a long scenic drive through some gorgeous rainforest and discovered this beautiful suspension bridge in the midst of a fairy forest...a very spiritual place.
Also couldn't resist snapping a photo of these two - aren't they gorgeous? They live in a paddock near our little house. I have always adored donkeys.
And I wanted to share this little pencil sketch I did of a shell....can you hear the ocean?
Sometimes life gets so busy, so it's always nice to run away get away from all the hustle and bustle and switch my brain off for a while, and just curl up in the sun with a good book or a magazine. But I feel well rested now, and ready for a new year filled with new challenges...



  1. Yay Tina..what an inspiring and beautiful adventure..I love the bridge..wonderful picture! and lovely..it sounds very magical in the fairy forest! you are blessed to live near such beautiful spaces!!
    Thakyou again..I am enjoying all my treasures..you are magnificent!!Yay!!

  2. ~i can hear the waves crashing and smell the sweet salty air...i can feel the presence of faeries lingering as you walked us along this magical place you've been...sigh...so you think i could fly over for a visit...relax...sounds quite soothing at the moment...such a beautiful post you have shared...blessed you are to savor such moments...thank you for your words the other day...a calm soothing balm you are to my spirit and soul...much love light and blessings be with you and yours always~

  3. What beautiful images of summer! We are in the throes of a snow and ice storm - very chilly and damp here today! So, it was so sweet to see sunshine and adorable donkeys (I love them, too. I love your shell drawing! You did a beautiful job - and yes, I can hear the ocean!!! Theresa

  4. I sure can hear the ocean. Seeing these photos is therapy. We are in a "silver dome" of ice, rain and snow. Thank you! XO

  5. Oh Tina,
    A hike through the rain-forest sounds fabulous and most refreshing on the soul! Those fern fronds are enormous!!! I so adore that foliage ... it truly does remind one of an enchanted timberland.

    I must share with you that I have forever had a love affair with the equine. The donkeys are so beautiful. Their coloring gives their coats appearance of satiny velvet.

  6. What beautiful pictures....I would love to be able to walk through that Faerie Forest you found....and I love your skirt you are wearing! It is so cold, grey, damp and bluck here....seeing your pictures is so uplifting....how wonderful for you to live so close to such beautiful places.....

  7. Oh. How. Lovely. **swoons** First, I must say, you have very attractive feet. That shot of the shore is fabulous!!! Perfect. OOOooo and the shot of you on the bridge looks like a post card! So beautiful. I am doubling up on my yoga and soon I will be bendy enough to fit myself inside a small shipping package. I should be arriving on your doorstep soon. **kisskiss** Deb

  8. Tina amazing photos. Love that bridge - where is it??

  9. A bridge through the canopy of a fairy forest??? Divine!!! Your photos look so heavenly! ....please send me some sea breezes and a dash of sunshine! Xo myfriend!

  10. Thanks everyone for your lovely notes...Alison, the bridge is at Tarra Bulga National Park in the Strezlecki Ranges - very pretty...Deb, you crack me up!


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