Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beneath the Below

Mermaid by Tina Gates

Beneath the waves
She lives in a world all her own
Where everything is quiet and peaceful,
Far removed from the chaos of the world above.
Here she is free...
She is happy in the moment, floating in her watery oasis.
Soon she will swim to the surface once more.
But she feels comforted knowing this is her secret place
And that she may return whenever her heart desires.

I am reminded of when I was young, maybe 10 or 11, we had a little pool in our back garden, and in the summer, I spent many hours in the water - couldn't get enough of it...I think I have always been a water baby. Anyway, I remember I used to do these weird sorts of twirls over and over again in the water.  It occurred to me recently that I had probably discovered meditation, even at that young age, because I would do it for a very long time, and felt so completely relaxed and blissed out.

It wouldn't be until many years later, when I began to study Art Therapy, that I learnt how to meditate and become mindful...isn't it funny that I think I had discovered it all of those years ago, because I was so completely in the moment, nothing else existed except twirling in the seems that I lost that gift somewhere along the way.

I am grateful that I have found it again...


  1. What a wonderful photo shoot! these are incredible! what great photos for your daughter to cherish when she's older. great post!
    have a happy day..xo natalea

  2. I just love coming to your blog and see what magical pictures you have posted and you have done beautifully today. I also love your art on the side of the blog. Do you sell them and can we see more of them?


  3. i think those states of consciousness are what come naturally to people, so we don't "identify" it. *It just IS*
    ah, mermaids...

  4. Tina...such magical Bliss!!!Super- beautiful enchantment...pure beuaty!!

    what a soulful-beautiful poem and gorgeous insights...i am happy you found that part again..yay! It is amazing how when we are children we are so naturally in tune and naturally connected-in...we are pure creative-intuition...enjoy this space and enjoy and play!! It is MAGIC!
    Beautiful post!

  5. I am LOVING these pictures! My fav is the first one with the sparkly necklace and shiny mermaid scales:)!! What a delightful mermaid with a GORGEOUS smile!!! ....This mermaid looks like she lives in the moment!! xo

  6. Tina ... your beautifully written verse is just how I have long imagined a mermaid's life would be. Your daughter has played the role ... effortlessly. One would think she just might be a mermaidess.

    I have so longed to learn to swim, but my fear of being in the water paralyzes me. These images make swimming appear freeing.

    I think you are still living a mindful life ... for it greatly shows in the pages of your blog. Perhaps you only need a few stolen moments each day to savor "quietness". I find those minutes wholly rejuvenate my being.

    A breathtaking post, my faraway friend! :)))

  7. Tina! What a gorgeous and magical post. Oh but to be a mermaid and swim freely and live an enchanted life. And what a wonderful poem you shared. Thanks very very much! :) So gorgeous and warming for us on a cold winter's night. Theresa

  8. What a magical, enchanting post....beautiful pictures and poem. I know I say this all the time....but you have such a beautiful soul.....and I love coming here.

  9. Oh there's such magic here! I can't tell you how much I LOVE these photos and the poem. They are more than perfect! Sending you hugs and wishes for a lovely weekend XO

  10. Wow! I love mermaids ! Your photos and your poem are magical! I really like your blog and your art, too! Thank you for sharing your magic with us!

  11. Wow!
    Tina these are awesome!
    Really wonderfully captured!
    Happy Summer Wishes to you
    and your Mermaid!

  12. Me Too!
    Grateful you have
    found this gift
    again! xoxo


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