Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Sunshine

After a whole week of soaking rain, the sun has finally decided to make an appearance. I have to admit, I have enjoyed sitting on my back deck listening to the rain on my tin roof, and watching the butterflies - there are so many! You see it is summer here, and very humid, but the rain has been relentless - not so much fun for my two teenage girls who are on school holidays....but heaven for my garden which is so lush and green! I love to wander through my garden barefoot after the rain, and float flowers in my birdbaths.

As for me - I find it soothing and comforting, although the heat knocks me for six! I have been flicking through my magazine collection, gathering inspiration and re-visiting all of my photos and home movies...because my little Pip is growing up so fast, I thought I would share this little video I made of her a few months ago...excuse my Aussie voice, hee hee...see how dry everything looks? Everything is so much greener now..

Pip is not the only one growing up fast though! I cannot believe that Georgia is about to begin her final year of high school! Man, where did the time go? Abby will be going into year 9 - my's funny though, I still don't feel old. I think age may be just a state of mind...what do you think?


  1. **swoons** Oh me goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your voice and accent! What a delight you are!!! Pip is pretty cute too. Not feeling your neither, but then, I've always been immature. At times I have to remind myself I am closing in on 58 and to not be quite so silly. But then again, girls just wanna have fun! **blows kisses** Deb

  2. Hi Tina...awww what a sweet adorable...and I so love your enchanting voice! Yay..that was fun!
    HUgs Friend!
    Have a dazzling day and wkd!

  3. Hi Tina! How adorable is your puppy???? And I LOVE your accent! It's a good thing we don't act (or feel)our age.....wouldn't we miss all the playing we do????? Hee Hee

  4. Hi Tina..I just sent you an email..I recieved my amazing package..WOW...THANKYOU!You are a beautiful soul..your kind spirit is so appreciated!

  5. Wow - warmth and sunshine. Quite a difference from our frigid temps (right now it is 1 below zero!). Such a gorgeous photo. Pip is adorable - what a cute video!!! Enjoy the weekend - and the sun! Theresa

  6. We got a little sunshine here too- but we are in winter and it has been cold rain.
    age is partially a state of mind- i think one way but my boobs act another :/

  7. You are fabulous! That lil Pip is a darling furball of love!!! Wish you could send me some sunshine!!! xoxo

  8. Oh Pip is so cute.
    Wait until your babies start having babies that is when you feel old...Isn't there a saying that age is just a number. As you say - I think it really is just a state of mind, so long as you have your health it doesn't matter what the 'number' is


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