Monday, July 19, 2010

Warming the cockles of my heart on this cold, cold day

You know the days...the ones where there are too many thoughts swirling through your head, and you just need to stop and take a breath..

That's how I have been for the past few days. Ian is in France, did I tell you? No, he's not holidaying, he's actually working, but that doesn't make me any less jealous! He keeps sending me pics of the gorgeous places he is staying while following the Tour De France (see photos above). Don't get me wrong - I am happy he has such a fabulous job where he gets amazing opportunities like this, but I must admit, I am feeling a bit sorry for myself. It doesn't help that we are in the midst of a cold winter, and I have been stuck at home with sick kids (Georgia had the flu for over a week and we didn't really do anything!)

So, this morning I rugged up and made myself go for a walk - Brrrrr! It really does make me feel better, it's true, and I am working on a painting for Georgia's room, and just creating always takes me to a happy place.

Before you feel too sorry for me that my husband is overseas while I am stuck here, he has taken me to France before, but Georgia was 9 months old at the time, so I saw England and Paris with a baby attached to my breast most of the time, he was lovely though, and I hope to return one day....hmmmm. Here's a little shot of me back then (check out those eyebrows!)

So, I thought I would share here something else that warms the cockles of my heart - it is Abby singing at a concert a few months back. We recorded it on Ian's I-phone, so the quality is not fantastic, but you will get the idea. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do - but then, I'm biased, he he....


  1. France looks lovely - what a lucky duck!, I have only just started french lessons in the past week, so am very much hoping to visit one day.

    It is cold atm, come one spring!

  2. Miss Abby has a fantastic singing voice, I love that song, she does it justice. Thanks for sharing.k

  3. first, that jacket you're wearing in the picture is fierce!
    second, my husband traveled to prague recently and i was unable to happy for him, but a little sad for me. he has taken me to rome though so i can't complain :)

    lovely post ♥
    cara mia

  4. Your sweet Abby could warm anyone's heart :0) I love that picture, you look so "rebel-like" LOL XO

  5. Abby has a most beautiful voice! i can see why it would warm your heart. Isn't it true that a walk out in the fresh air blows it all away! Mr o often has to go off on his travels with his music & i do sometimes wish i was going to, but then on the odd occasions i do go it makes it all the more special i guess. keep warm x


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