Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well, it's been a busy week here despite the cold... I have managed to get out into the garden and have made quite a few trips to a few local nurseries to buy some plants for my garden...

Just when I think there is nothing much happening in my winter garden, I take a closer look....and my mosaics always lend a much needed burst of colour...

Ooh, and when I visited my lovely black hen today, I found two eggs...I think I told you Mr Fox has been visiting lately, and I had to have a very stern word with him...we have lost so many chickens - it makes me so sad...but Pip helped me collect these two lovely eggs...I think I may scramble them for breakfast tomorrow.

But when I wandered through the garden today, there was so much goodness on offer...this little cup and saucer was a gift from mum and dad - they visited a garage sale the other day and found this treasure for is just perfect with some lovely camellias and daphne from my garden. The scent from the daphne is just beautiful.

Oh, and the violets are blooming - I picked some for you....I love to decorate my cakes with these lovelies.

And would you look at these beautiful blooms that I picked for my favourite teapot...they make my heart happy...

And after gardening on a winter's day, there's nothing I love more than curling up beside the open fire with a good book...bliss. I hope everyone's Sunday was as lovely as mine...tell me what you did, I love to hear from you x


  1. What beautiful pictures! I can't wait for a winter garden! Right now it's so hot and humid where I live that I don't spend much time in my garden.....and my plants look blah! I can't wait for fall when I am no longer hot, sweaty and sticky! Oh....I wanted to tell you that I found and bought the book Velvet Pears.....what a beautiful book....thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Dear Tina,
    I found your blog two weeks ago, and it fascinated me in so many ways, that I encuorage myself to write you y comment. I am near 40, mother of two girls, adore pretty, beatifull and uniqe things, like to decorate my home and family events, be creative ... I believe we have lots of incommon, and would have so much to talk about or to be enthusiastic about (smile), that I just like to thank you for sharing all this beatifull pieces of your life with us, with me. Inspiration your blog brings to me is so fresh and helped me remember, who I really was, am ... although I live in the completely different side of the planet, and my lifestyle is different, primarily less luxurious (you have some beatiful things and clothes and the terrace with pool is amazing). Ideas just fly around my head, but don't have time to realize all ... I can't afford not to go to work, so one day is just too shor for me :).
    Tatjana from Slovenia
    (I've never blogged, so I must post this as anonymous)

  3. **swoons** Beautiful photos! It boggles my mind that you have winter there on the other side of the world when we are dying dying dying in the heat! Ah, daughters, thank heaven for daughters. I remember when my children were very small and every day was 72 hours long, and now, on this side, it but just a moment, a brief dance in my life. **blows kisses** Deb

  4. Thankyou girls for your sweet comments...they really do make my day! These blogs are funny things - I never really know if anyone is reading this, and sometimes I get discouraged, but then I remind myself why I started one - to try and express myself creatively (so important to me) and to connect with like-minded people. Anonymous, thankyou for your lovely words...I feel very humbled by them....and to think you are inspired here, well that just makes my heart very happy x

  5. im sitting here reading your blogworld,while im making some of my unwanted love to sip a lemonade with you...singing and skipping love jo.


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