Monday, July 12, 2010

Thyme in a Garden

As you know, it is Winter here, but today we were treated to a sunshiney day, so I grabbed the girls and we went for a walk to this gorgeous historic cottage...I think I should like to live here.

I felt very inspired after our walk, so I got out in my garden and ripped out all of my neglected lavender, and prepared the earth for some new plant love. I plan to visit the nursery tomorrow and buy some gorgeous plants to make my heart sing. I really love these informal garden beds in the picture below.

I just adore camellias - a pop of colour during the colder months...

I love the hinges on the old stable door.

Such a quaint little cottage...if it were mine, I would invite you in for scones with jam and cream.

I will share some pics once my new garden is planted...


  1. That cottage and those pictures are just so beautiful. My aunt and I went on a Garden Walk yesterday and were daydreaming when we came upon this one house because the garden was so magical and everything felt like a fairy tale. It was so inspiring, as is this place! And I long for the cool weather when I see these photos! I'm looking forward to being able to breathe fresh cool air! Enjoy your week, xo natalea

  2. So beautiful..thankyou for the lovely magical walk! I looove that photos of the window..enchanting..and love the hinges too are super cool! What a gorgeous post..thanks for sharing your beautiful advntures all the time..they are awesome! Glad you are inspired..enjoy!

  3. What a magical cottage! I would just love to live there too...and I think I'd rather be in your winter than our summer right now! Oh that cottage also reminds me of Maria Owens' cottage from Practical Magic!...BTW I'm putting together a Practical Magic blog party for Fall. I'll be posting it soon :)

  4. Absolutely magical! I too wish I could have your winter instead of my summer.....I'm SO over Summer already.....and SO ready for Fall! I LOVE Fall!! Sorry....that was a little off subject....I love the visit the most magical places.....

  5. I so enjoy the places you visit! The spell cast by this one will surely follow me for some time :0) That camellia was incredible! Thank you for sharing your day and thank you for the lovely comment left on my Blog today XOXO

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  8. Oh what a wonderful place ... here in the garden and on your delightful blog. Found you sprinkling pixie-dust at Blooming on Banbridge ...

    Your blog my friend is wonderful ... full of wonder and delight. It's funny that your blog is how I view the world "inside my creative head" and how I have encouraged imaginative play with our children...we've had a fairy house {or two} in a 100-yr-old apple tree!

    Thanks for sharing your magical world with us ... I'll definitely be back to see what magic you have spun for us ~j.


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