Monday, July 05, 2010

The Little Things...

These are some things that are making me smile this week...I made a hummingbird cake today in my new bundt cake tin. Ooh, I wish you could have smelt it baking - yum. Unfortunately it stuck to my new tin when I tried to turn it out, which explains why I took a photo by candlelight, ha ha...but man, it tasted good!

The girls are on school holidays, and I have been enjoying just pottering around home, cooking and playing house.

Last night was my first puppy pre-school class. I think it's going to be lots of fun. Pip is going really well, but we're still getting the hang of toilet training, he she is making friends with the local family of magpies. It was very cute - they flew down and started 'talking' to her, and she sat there mesmerised (I know, I'm pathetic, but she is just adorable!) I couldn't resist taking a photo.

I just love these glasses with the sun shining in the window...and check out that bottle of vodka. Just waiting for the right moment to crack that baby! I can feel a girls' movie night coming on!


  1. Yay...what a magical beautiful..i love the litte things too..your cake soudns deliscious! adorable.. your pup and the bird conversing..awesome..wonder what they were talking baout ha ha!! and i love those glasses i have some similar..yay! Have a wonderful night kindred...blessings and magic! And here's to the little things..Cheers!( vodka please)

  2. Hey girl,

    Ok, the pictures are beautiful, and the cake looks soooo very good. I have been craving cake so bad, and wouldn't you know I started back on my diet yesterday. So I am stuck with strawberries and light cool whip. Still yummy though. Those glasses are divine. I am ready for that movie night and the drink. Cheers! :-)
    Have a wonderfully mad and curious day..

  3. i absolutely LOVE those glasses! are they Moroccan tea glasses? where on earth did you get those?! have fun with that pretty bottle of vodka- wish I lived near you! xo natalea

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I love your blog! I am crazy for peacoks and love your painting and I see you're sitting in a peacock chair in your profile picture. Very pretty! Hope you're having a marvelous winter and keeping warm.

  5. Love your glasses.....we all need to love the little things.....and your pup.....SO cute. Everything is better by candle light.....

  6. I so want to know what hummingbird cake is? Sounds amazing.
    I do love your pretty glasses...and your sweet Pip is adorable.
    happy midweek to you..enjoy the girls my friend..i am doing the same thing...busy busy with my girls...they have so much energy. xoxo

  7. Hello all you gorgeous girls! Yes Natalea, they are little Morroccan tea glasses. I have an amazing Moroccan cafe just around the is my favourite place to go for lunch - yummy organic food and great fairtrade coffee. They also sell amazing homewares. I had a gift voucher from Mothers' Day, and so decided on these beauties. I bought the vodka, which is a blend of rose and almond with a twist of lime, because I loved the bottle! He he. Koralee, Hummingbird cake is a banana cake, but it also has crushed pineapple in it, and is so deliciously moist and yummy xxx


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