Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday Dress-ups

Inspiration everywhere I look! I just love visiting all the delicious blogs out there and soaking up all the artistic goodness. I was much inspired (as I always am) by Vanessa over at the magical She did a post that prompted me to straighten up my little corner of my world, and delight in all the little things that make me smile. And of course tidying up in dress-ups always makes the job that more fun! I picked my dressing table up many years ago at a local op-shop (I think overseas you call them thrift stores) for a song...I love it! It holds all my jewellery (I love costume jewellery and semi-precious stones rather than the 'real stuff').

As I was straightening up, I remembered a similar dressing table we had when I was very young, and I loved it...isn't it funny how our memories store these little snippets of goodness?

This dressing table set was given to me by my mother - it was her nana's (my great grandmother) so it is very precious to me...

The little cards tied up in a bow are ones I got when I turned 40, 3 years ago now...I am such a magpie, and hold onto things, just like my mother.

Here is a peek inside my silver jewellery box....a gift from my man a couple of Christmases ago... the string of pearls were given to me by my mum and dad when I finished high school.

In my playful mood, I decided to take my wedding dress down from the top shelf of my wardrobe and put it on my really is a fairytale dress...I had my wedding bouquet made at a florist, but when they delivered it, I hated the formality of it, so my beautiful bridesmaid and best friend Wendy jumped in her car and went to the local shop and bought some long-stemmed roses and 'threw' them together into an informal arrangement - much nicer...please check out her website, she is an amazing singer/songwriter, who also happens to be a witch...she made me the little bag hanging on my dressing-table from material that was used to make my wedding dress - in it I keep my tarot cards. Here she is looking decadently outrageous at her 40th masquerade party - a most extravagant affair!

The painting of the nude tucked into the top of the dress was done by my beautiful niece, and given to me on my 40th birthday, with some heartfelt words inside - these things are very special to me...

Straightening up the bookshelf, I found more yummy inspiration! Have you guessed that I love fairies? (Never really grew up)...I love all of these delicious books.

I would also like to thank Celia at for bestowing upon me a lovely award. I get kind of get embarrassed with these but I do want to acknowledge it and let her know I am honored.

I am supposed to sum up in 5 words the motivation,philosophy and experience behind my blog. Suffice to say that I came up with this... "Getting the creative juices flowing".

I hope that you have enjoyed a little peek into my world...and a glimpse at the things that are very close to my heart. I will leave you with a little taste of Wendy - enjoy x


  1. What a beautiful and magical post. I feel like I say almost the same thing every time I leave a comment.....but those are always the words that come to me when I read your post......I love coming over to your blog and looking at your magical world. I wish I could come visit your looks like a dream......we could play dress up, have tea and go look for faeries!!

  2. fair-lady,

    At first, I thought I'd have to
    go clean "my-part-of-the-world,"
    but then just considered looking
    at yours! How similar we are ...
    nic-nacs ... lovely wedding gowns ...
    we even have the same book {one that
    I dearly hold special and is in the
    hands of our daughter}.

    Thank you for the peek into your world
    and thank you for stopping by and leaving
    trails of pixie-dust behind.

    Magically ~j.

  3. Wish I could meet you in the flesh one day so we could dress up and imagine share a great moment with you!

  4. Oh how are amazingly are invited over to my home anytime my friend. xoxox

  5. Yay! What a fabulously magical post! You are such a i said before ..wish we were neighbours..the magic we would get up too...! Ha ha! what fun..gorgeous photos them ALL..! And...I so Love your friend Wendy..we have similiar masks..!and such a gorgeous voice she embodies..such a shining spirit she is....thanks for sharing that..her video is super beautiful! She is an enchantress!

    Have a sparkling day!
    Blessings and magic always!

  6. how fun to get your wedding dress down where you can see it - i love that you did that! i was swooning over that doll on your dress table. looks like the top part of her lifts up to hold powder or something. she's so pretty!

  7. Thank you, i did enjoy the peep at your precious things, such a beautiful space you have created there x

  8. i so love your world have made my day..i do hope i get to see you on the 13 th...singing and skipping xxxx jo

  9. So many pretty things. I have lots of dress up clothes as well. Unfortunately, my mannequins are about the only thing they fit!:)

  10. what a gorgeous little set up you have there! :)

    cara mia

  11. How FUN FUN FUN!!! Ah yes, Vanessa does bring us girls out to play. What adorable shot of you! I greatly enjoyed this post. **kisskiss** Deb

  12. How special to see inside another fairy book!
    I shall have to have a look around on amazon for it.
    Did you happen upon my video of A return to Fairyopolis on my blog? I flick through it's pages. It's in the same series as this book of yours.
    Luv Kat x


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