Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A most eggcellent day...

My day began with a lovely suprise...do you remember these I collected the other morning from the little black hen?

Well, when I cracked the big one into my pan for breakfast, look what I found! A double yoker! Clever little black hen....

So after my yummy breakfast, I picked some more flowers from the garden and straightened up the house (with some bluesey tunes on the stereo...makes housework that bit more bearable, I find)

Because today is the day the mister returns from his overseas journey!

Just look at this gorgeous tapestry cushion he brought back for me from Paris - I just love it!

Pip thought she would dress-up and suprise him for his return home....funny Pip - always making us smile, bless her little panda ears...so excuse me, while I go and prepare a lamb roast for dinner.


  1. Hello friend,

    Pip always looks so adorable. I love the cushion. It is beautiful.The fairies are gorgeous. Those eggs look so yummy. Have a wonderful dinner. It sounds delicious.
    Wishing you Curious days and Enchanted dreams,

  2. Pip is dressed up so beautifully. My girls are lookin good too today - they had a day at the doggy beauty parlour :-)
    Lucky egg - good fortune is coming to you!

  3. Wow..enchanting post..Pip looks magical..and such magical eggs as well...pretty cool gift to recieve! Love the cushion..it looks really special and oh so beautiful!! ENJOY! thanks for sharing your sparkle always! such fun and such spirit!

  4. great tapestry cushion! good man!
    xo natalea

  5. Your Pip is adorable...lucky you to have your sweet one home...enjoy! xoxo

  6. You won't believe this, but I also have those fairies! We truly are kindred spirits :0) Gorgeous pillow! Pip as always, just too cute XO

  7. Those faeries are beautiful!!! I love them. These are beautiful pictures as always.....very magical.

    You have a blog award waiting for you over at my blog.....www.adventuresofthestripedstockings.blogspot.com

  8. Thankyou darling girls...you always make my day. Alina, a few weeks back, my mum and dad and my brother dropped in and suprised my with these gorgeous fairies! No reason, just because they spotted them at a good price, and they know how much I adore fairies - I was so grateful! My brother, Dean said he was trying to score some big brother brownie points, he he. Celia, you are so sweet, thankyou, I will pop over and check out your blog x

  9. pip is adorable! and that pillow is just fabulous! :)

    cara mia

  10. oh ,im so glad your man's home and safe with you..the cushion present is divine and baby pip looks so cute....

  11. Oh Good Mister! Give that man a medal. Pip is just the cutest. ♥♥♥ Deb


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