Saturday, May 01, 2010

Saturday Nights aren't what they used to be....

I find myself on a Saturday afternoon childless and husbandless! Georgia has caught an early train this morning to go to her first proper concert, and Abby is sleeping over at a friend's. Ian is watching the local football, and then accompanying my brother-in-law on the 2 hour drive to pick up the girls from said concert.

On these occassions, I get a little bit anxious about how best to spend my time....don't want to waste those precious moments of solitude. Let's see...I have been meaning to get around to having a play on my sewing machine...ok

Insert much laughter all comes flooding back - I never have been a wizz with the sewing machine - I manage to sew both sides of the slip together, ha ha!

Deep breath...ok, it's ok - just unpick some stitches...try again.

Ok, not perfect, but not altogether awful.

So, the candles are lit, the wine is chilled, and the movie is ready to go....bliss.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday night x


  1. lovely! I always enjoy reading what you are up to..enchanting as always! Glad you had some me-time to create and sparkle up a storm! You have such a fun spirited heart! Love the outfit!
    Happiest May..wishing you many bright blessings and much magic!

  2. So lovely!
    Happy saturday!Hugs

  3. oh it came out great. i would be thrilled to sew up anything, imperfect even, and your own dress is fab.

    btw, have you checked my tumblr spot for bohemian decorating ideas?

  4. Beautiful dress! I'll be right over. Movie and wine, count me in. Found you at Magnolia Pearl and so glad that I did. It's nice to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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