Friday, May 07, 2010

The Greatest Love of All...

I don't know that I fully appreciated a mother's job until I became a mother myself...
All I ever wanted when I was little was to grow up and have babies - couldn't wait!
And here I am now, my girls so grown up, and all the emotions I am feeling throughout this amazing journey are profound.

I want to thank my mother for being such an amazing role model, and for appreciating my individuality and supporting all of my decisions. Isn't she beautiful? Believe it or no, she's 77 years old - I wanna look that good when I am her age. She still works at her job as an aerobics instructor for older people - can you believe it?

She has always stayed youthful, both inside and out, and I am spoiling her tomorrow with a luscious Sunday lunch...yeh, I know, I'm a mum too and deserve spoiling. Don't worry, I have spent the afternoon cooking so tomorrow, I can kick back, pour a champagne and celebrate the joy (mostly) of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day x

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  1. You are lucky indeed. How nice to have such good (and beautiful) role model! Have a beautiful Sunday xx


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