Monday, May 31, 2010

Real Life Fairy

Do you know someone as magical as my friend Elspeth? I met this fairy last year when I went back to school to study Art Therapy...she is a ray of sunshine, and lights up a room whenever she enters!

She dresses like a colourful butterfly (although I know that she is indeed a fairy) and wears bells so she tinkles when she walks...I love her.

We met up for tea and lemon cake by the river this morning to farewell one another for a while, for this gypsy girl is off overseas on magic adventures...

I began to make her a little going away gift, but I left it until the last minute (I know, so typical of me), and I didn't quite finish it, but I took a photo to show her anyway...the words say "Not all who wander are lost" and Elspeth said that is one of her favourite sayings!

Speaking of fairies, I think several villages have moved into our garden this past week! Abby came inside the other day and said "Mum, you should see all the fairy houses in our garden!" There were hundreds of them - magical!

For Elspeth...

So she cocoons
And she wraps herself in the sacred threads of her inner life
Which cannot be touched or polluted
Or influenced by the outer elements.
And there she remembers the truth of who she is
And what really matters after all
And the rest just falls away...Jen Gray


  1. Gorgeous post..beautiful photos..lovely to meet your Faery friend..wonderful...yay!! Beautiful inspiring poem..gorgeous!And the last photo..mega-charming!!
    Have a magical day.

  2. Oh Elspeth looks lovely! And I really resonate with the fairy-ness you've shared, that poem is beautiful
    thankyou for the lovely blog comment to, glad to have you stop by
    I'm enjoying your posts, your blog is wonderful hunni
    kat xx

  3. She tinkles when she walks... I LOVE it! You are so lucky to have met a real life fairy :0) Thank you so much for your visits and your comments xxx

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