Monday, May 24, 2010

Puppy Dog Tales...

As I mentioned in my last post, this gorgeous little girl came to live with us last week...she is a little ray of sunshine.

We lost our Bobby dog back in January of this year - he was a poodle bichon, and the funniest little character you ever want to meet - without going into the graphic details, he had a horrible accident while we were holidaying at our beach house. We were all terribly traumatised because it was so sudden.

Little Pippi is here, not to replace Bob, for he was one of a kind, but to help heal the hurt - I just know he would love her!

I think she is going to be a little character too, and I just know she will be spoilt rotten - how could you resist a little face like that? Oh, the adventures she shall have.... ooh, by the way, she is a cavoodle - a cross between a poodle and a cavalier, and she is 9 weeks old. I am a proud mumma!


  1. So sweet! A puppy will definately melt your heart! She is adorable :-) I can see why you have been distracted!

  2. She is so sweet, oh my gosh, what a little doll.

  3. Yay...sooooo super sweet!

  4. How wonderful for you!! She is absolutely the sweetest little thing!!

  5. she will bring you such joy.....shes so so cute...

  6. hi! what a wonderful and joyful blog you have!!!!
    thank you for your nice comment!!!

  7. supersweet! love the little angel. best wishes ;0)

  8. Oh Pippi is such a love. I so know that pain of losing a beloved doggie; Pippi will be great therapy for that hurt. And the name is so fun! One of my favorite books when I was younger!

  9. Oh my heavens what a cutie! So happy you found this little treasure!

  10. She is just too cute!!! I've left something for you at my Blog on today's post. Please don't feel obligated to accept it :0) Have a beautiful weekend XX

  11. V sorry to hear about the loss of your dear Bobby.
    What a joy to see lil' Pippi, she looks the most gorgeous lil' thing I've ever seen! I love dogs. We haven't had them growing up cause my brother and mam have allergies. But I believe the breeds crossed with poodles are better for that. so you never know, and I keep my dream of one being in my life. :)
    blessings kat x


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