Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have decided to share this little story today because I love those little moments of serendipity that happen on know the kind that gives you goosebumps?

Both my girls love music. Georgia played the trumpet for many years, and also loves the guitar...Abby has been learning piano, and last year began having singing lessons.

Well, Abby has a dream to help those less fortunate, and unbeknown to me had asked my husband if he could find out if she could sing for the children in's her way of doing something constructive to help.

He contacted the Royal Childrens' Hospital and they said 'The Starlight Foundation' would be delighted to have her come in and sing for the children, accompanied by Georgia on the guitar. Naturally, she was thrilled and began choosing some songs.

This is where the story gets interesting...this morning I decided to go to a New Age shop nearby to get a particular book. I was telling the woman there about Abby's decision to sing for the children. I explained to her that she had a lovely voice, and that a couple of years ago I had seen a clairvoyant (have I lost you yet?) and she told me she saw Abby with a star over her head. I had not made the connection, but the woman in the shop reminded me that she was singing for the 'Starlight Foundation' - goosebumps indeed!

I share this story here because I feel we all have little signs along the way to remind us when we are on the right path...we just need to take notice. Is it her destiny to be a singer, or to help those less fortunate? Hmmm, that's up to her, but something tells me she's already on the right path.


  1. Oh, that path sounds to be just right. What beautiful girls you have! Seems to me their talent and sensitivity have been nurtured by a certain lovely lady ;) Congratulations! Days like those make everything worthwhile XX

  2. A magical gorgeous story! Yay!

  3. Oh such a wonderful story!!! She will go far..what a sweet spirit she has. xoxo

  4. oh my hands over my heart...your young girls are are one lucky mumma.


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