Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Winds of Change....

I have been neglecting my blog, it seems...I don't know why. Just haven't felt I had anything of significance to share. The days seem to fly by so fast, and I honestly don't know where the time goes. The autumn days are getting cooler, and it's the perfect weather for snuggling up in front of the fire with a good book, cooking and baking yummy food for the family and enjoying the sanctuary of my bed....

I am sitting here thinking about one of my favourite movies, 'Chocolat'. I just love everything about it, from the brooding gypsy that is played so eloquently by the divine Johnny Depp, to the beautiful Juliette Binoche, resplendant in her Frenchy frocks and gorgeous red shoes...and don't even start me on that quaint little chocolate shop that sits on a cobbled French street. I can't count how many times I have watched it, and would love to have a seat at the birthday table of Armande, and just marinate in the decadence of the occassion....mmmm

My youngest Abby, loves the movie also, and even wants to name her first daughter Anouk!

But what is most resonating with me at the moment is when the winds of change begin to blow and Vianne becomes restless....yes, I have a little gypsy in me, and need change or I become claustrophobic and uninspired.

So. this week, I have been busy thinking about decorating. I have been moving furniture, and studying curtain samples (yes, finally I am going to commit to having curtains made!)

Isn't it funny how our tastes can change over the years? But I really am a true bohemian at heart, and really want to portray a style that is uniquely 'me'. No more playing it safe for everyone else...if we can't decorate the way that makes us feel happy and inspired, then, I don't know...what's the point? I choose to describe my decorating style as eclectic, French, surely I won't be bored?

Most photos here are mine...alas, the bohemian bedroom is not, and I am sorry but I can't recall where I got it - I have had it saved in my computer for a while....The dreamy outfit is by the gorgeous "Gypsy Moon"...check out their amazing website - drool - just wanted to give you an idea of the look (and colour) I am going for in my curtains.

Hope all is well in your worlds, and that your days are filled with magic.....


  1. You are absolutely right. It's ever so tiresome to "conform and adapt." I, too, love Gypsy Moon, it's very me :0) Great photos (especially that bed!) Glad to see you back, your posts are always a source of inspiration. Have a great day xx

  2. Gorgeous post..yay..I love your unique style..yes..rock on with it...go for it to the max! Enjoy your rebirth..and make it sparkle big! yay! I love that bedroom photo too..beautiful!New curtains will be fab! I have been redecorating lately too!A lovely- magical post..keep shining!

  3. i love ready -what you have going on in your world.


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