Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Lovin'

Abby and I decided to play dress-ups again, because it is, afterall, Valentines Day tomorrow (any excuse!)

I know it's all got a bit commercialised and all now, but I still like to spoil my family with a fancy dinner party, usually heart-shaped pasta, and something involving chocolate for dessert...and I get a kick out of decorating for the's something I've always loved doing - I consider it as creating memories for my girls that they will have forever...something to look back upon with magic and wonder...such memories really can get you through some yucky times...

I loved making the paper heart garland, and would like to thank McCabe over at for the inspiration...I love her little blog - she is such a magical mermaid, and a true inspiration...I also made a couple of Valentines cards to give to my girls.

The little painting I did last feels good to be creating again...

Not sure if there's many of you visiting, but I would like to send you all a big Valentines wish, and hope that you are spoiled tomorrow (and eat lots of chocolate) xxx

"If music be the food of love, play on." William Shakespeare


  1. This is MAGICAL Tina!!!!!!!! You are so creative and full of life!!! I know your girls adore you!!! Everything is beautiful!!!! Wish I could join you for tea!!!

  2. How great!!! I want to join in too!
    (by the way: my mother is in Sydney)

    Ooooh...your table is juste magical.

  3. oooooohhhh YoU GiRlS are having so much fun....the blogworld has opened you up to play and be creative and to show us all into your world..and i want to play with you...have a divine Valentines of to make some little lilac fairy cakes....

  4. Your Party looks like it was wonderful too! We have so much snow outside I would have loved to have mine outside!! But we just transformed the house... ha Now I have to clean up!! Yuck!! The worse part! Giggle! I am posting pics right now... I cant believe how many people showed up in costume!! Made my day!!!

    Keep up the making of your ART!! You are doing a beautiful creations of Fun!!

    Its going to be a great week!!!

    Your new friend!

  5. Oh, How fun! You two look so adorable! I love these photos...they look so magical!


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