Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you can't take the heat...

I am a little bit is 34 degrees here today, and I decided to bake, ha ha. Yesterday Abby and I were sick, today Georgia was I cleaned the kitchen, and decided to make some cupcakes...not just any cupcakes, oh no...vanilla, almond and rosewater cupcakes, with orange icing. They are so delicious, that I decided I needed a glass of strawberry champagne to go with is Friday night, after all. Cheers x


  1. Ooo sounds so yummy!
    We have so much snow here it is ridiculous!!

    I am working on greeting card designs this week.. I have 12 hours to get 10 done... BUT here I am surfing on the internet looking for inspiration! Only problem is... the have to be christmas!! Now Normally, I love christmas... but I am more in the mood for Spring! Ha ha ...
    Have a great weekend! Champagne sounds yummy... but, its 10:30 am for me! Hee hee , Now that would be a bit naughty!

    Keep smiling!!!


  2. Yummy... although I have never heard of rosewater cupcakes?? Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours! I always love checking out everyone's blog!

  3. They do look so so sweet..rosewater sounds lovely. I bet they were yummy. xo

  4. They look great!! How nice that its Autumn now. Usually I hate the end of summer but this year I'm over it!
    Thanks for visiting me. Hope you return soon!
    Your artwork is stunning!
    Will follow your blog - Cheers, Karen


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