Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mystical Marysville

We had a wonderful day yesterday (Valentines Day). We decided to go for a drive to Marysville, which is one of my very favourite places to visit...unfortunately a year ago Marysville was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires in which 173 people lost their lives, 34 of those from was such a horrible day, and I can only imagine the terror of the people of Marysville and the other places who burned that heart aches for the lives lost, and also the ones who lost family, friends, neighbours, pets and livestock...

So, it was with mixed feelings that we visited...I didn't really know how I would feel, but as we turned onto the road that leads to Marysville, I was gladdened by the sight of acres of gum trees with new, green growth...

Entering the township was sad...most of the old buildings in the little main street were all gone...miraculously, the bakery survived unscathed (how does that happen?), so that is where we ate our lunch.

My very favourite place in Marysville is Bruno's Art and Sculpture Garden, which is a magical, beautiful oasis. Ironically, when I first heard about the fires in Marysville, it was Bruno's that I cried about...but the good news is that 60% of his sculptures have survived. His home and art gallery were completely destroyed.

When we arrived, Bruno himself was in the garden, working hard at replanting...he is such a wonderful man, and I felt very privileged to have met him...the garden is still beautiful, and it will return one day to it's former glory, I'm sure...but I still managed to feel the spirituality of the used to be surrounded by a canopy of trees, but they have all burned, and he lost a lot of very old trees and plants...

I realise I have posted a lot of photos, but I simply couldn't show you any less...I love them all...

Bruno has a website if you would like to see some more pictures and read about how he's recovering from the terrible fires...

In the photos, in the background, you can see the mountains, where the trees have been completely will be a long time before they sad.

Lady of Shalot - I have this painting...adore...

We left Marysville and went home via another favourite place of mine called Warburton, which is about 45 minutes from where I is also a mystical place which has a beautiful river running through the middle of it...I sometimes drive here by myself and soak up the atmosphere of this beautiful town.

I have taken some photos of a local house in Warburton that belongs to an eccentric artist affectionately known as Boinga Bob...his home is magical, and he is somewhat of a local legend.

I have a few different places I call my 'soul' places to know, somewhere you feel you are 'home'. I need to go to these places from time to time to feed and nuture my is something I make sure I do for myself...there is indeed magical powers in these beautiful places...Abby was so inspired after visiting Bruno's she couldn't wait to come home and create something...Magic!

Do you have 'soul' places? Somewhere to just breathe....


  1. Thanks for sharing. I do remember when all his beautiful sculptures were distroyed. How awful and sad it was.

    Take care!

  2. oh dear me...i have never ever been to this magic place.....thankyou so much for showing us....

  3. I'm so glad you went back to Marysville, the wonderful people there still need all our support. And delighted to see Bruno is still intent on rebuilding & remaining with his beloved labours of love.
    Millie ^_^

  4. I loved seeing all the pictures! Thats what this is all about(Blogging?)
    It is sharing our's passions,... and sentiments.... with inspirations!!
    We do it through our art, our photos, our families... !!!

    I LOVED the peacock painting!! You are an excellent painter!!
    I go through the same procrastinations.. and then all of a sudden WAM!! One day it hits and I cant seem to get it all out fast enough!
    I did 9 paintings the other day in one afternoon! ... now I know they really are crap but at least I did them.. and by the time I got to the last one, it was definitely better than the first! Ha! ...
    I think I will try a peacock tomorrow! See? You never know where your inspirational muse will fly in from!
    I got Magnolia pearls' book in the mail this week too! ... SO COOL!!!
    have you read it?


  5. What a wonderful place. I loved the raised hand with trickling water. I loved everything!Unfortunately, on my side of the world there are no places like this so I have to depend on my imagination which now, thanks to you, it's even richer. I'm so glad I found you!


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