Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Off With The Birds...

I did a little peacock painting this week...it's not perfect, but I kinda like it.

I enjoyed a yummy lunch with 2 special girls today who have been on the same journey as me...we are all studying art therapy...Jackie gave me this beautiful owl.

Both the peacock and the owl have been very strong symbols for me, and I love them both...I have an owl who regularly visits of a night-time, and he reminds me not to doubt myself.


  1. your PeAcOcK would be divine on a cupboard door,and you look fantastic with your wings open.......

  2. its funny, there is something about this peacock that makes you just stop for a minute and stare, it makes you want to pause, i like it and especially the flowers, they are perfect...i always was a sucker for curly wurlys!!!
    and your owl photo is stunning, im gonna steal it if you dont mind and have a play with it, the pure whiteness is just too hard to resist. i love seeing your daughters, its going to be great when my little girl can colaberate on things with me. shes pretty good already for nearly two

    xxx sheree

  3. I loved your post so much that I had to share it!

  4. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments...you have all made my day x

  5. Hi, I popped over here from Sheree's blog post about homes, your house sounds great, I still love secret rooms and mysterious doors, and my girls would think it was magic. I love your previous post about Bruno's Sculpture garden, what an amazing place, and amazing that most of it survived the tragedy. Next time I'm in Victoria I'll have to go see it myself. And I think that amazing house could well BE my dream house!


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