Monday, February 28, 2011

Today was a Fairytale

I am enjoying just taking it nice and slow lately...I have had a houseful of sickies, and I have learned over the years to look after myself at these times, so I can continue to care for my loves.  (I refuse to catch their horrible bugs!)

So, it has been big steaming bowls of homemade chicken soup, and fresh fruit, and plenty of R & R...the weather has been crazy - hot and sunshiney one day and bitterly cold the next - strange times indeed.  Today is blustery and cold outside, so I am just enjoying pottering about the house, enjoying the quiet. It's a perfect day for baking, so I have decided to bake a pear and almond cake...I wish you could smell it cooking in the oven. It will be ready for afternoon tea...
Come, grab and cup of tea and enjoy a fairytale or two...

This is an enchanted tree I painted when I was studying Art Therapy...we all had to paint ourselves as trees...mine came out very childlike and whimsical, with a strong sturdy trunk, and branches which reached trowards the sky...heart shaped fruit and lots of swirls...we all taped them to our classroom walls, so for the rest of the term we were surrounded by a beautiful forest of trees.

I have finally come to some inner acceptance around my IS childlike and whimsical, and that is ok, because it has come from somewhere inside me.  And I have always been influenced by fairytales and make-believe.I think that by realising this, it has freed me to create my art, and not expect it to look like everyone else's.  I am working on a painting at the moment, which I really love, and I cannot wait to share with you.

Please forgive me if I haven't got around to visiting you all yet - sometimes life gets a little busy. But I hope to visit soon.

Also, can't wait until this dark fairytale arrives in the cinemas...


  1. Hello my darling!!!! Your tree IS indeed whimsical and magical and childlike....I just love it!....I do hope your family is on the mend! It sounds like you have been gathering inspirational momentum and energy while taking care of them...I am so looking forward to your new painting!! xoxo

    I can't WAIT too see that movie either!! Thank you for posting the trailer!!!

    Keep taking care of your sweet self my friend! Always so good to see a post from you!!! :)

  2. Wonderful painting and I love your sweet Fairy Dolls. Take care of yourself while you are tending your sickies

  3. Ooh what a magical post - I am with the fairies too! Have you found the Fairy Godmother's blog?

    On the subject of sickies, I am most unwell. Can you please come and look after me too?

  4. By the way, that movie looks good - but rather scary!! The big bad wolf always gave me nightmares as a child... Dare I watch this version?

  5. Hi, Tina! Your soul tree is beautiful and magical like you! Hope your family gets well soon! Well, with so much fairy treatment i'm sure they will ;) !!
    The spring is here :> !!! Have a lovely month with lots of fairy magic!!
    Kisses to you! :)

  6. Hi Tina..yay..such a wonderful post! I want to see that movie too..yay..!! Hope everyoone feels all sparkly and new again! Get well!

    I love your art , it is magical and soulful and full of beauty. I too work form that child-like space within..and accept that side of my nature unconditionally. I love the tree..and in my inner visisons I often am inside a tree and recieve healing and insights and gifts.Thats what your beautiful tree made me think of..what a wonderful energy cocoon that must be for you! Magical! sounds so wonderful all of you drawing a special tree..shine on! yay!!

    Have a happy day...shine on magical friend!

  7. I hope you and your family get better soon and yes take care of yourself. As women we are the last to do that for ourselves. I love your art and think it is beauiful. If I was to guess what kind of person the tree would be it would be a strong, exciting, and loving person. That should be under glass on the wall. It would make the room come alive.

  8. Greetings from USA! I love your blog.
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  9. Your tree painting is beautiful!! I just love all of the colors you used. I love all of the whimsy in your art and in your blog. Have a good day my dear friend.

  10. I Hope everyone will soon we well... sending Healing vibes your way! Yes, our weather has been the same, just did a post about how unpredictable it has been. Today it's back to being Springlike again... I do believe the weather extremes day to day are hard on overall health, so much transition for the body.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. So sorry to hear you've been ill. Faerie tales make everything better, don't they? I absolutely LOVE your tree - seeing that it was childlike was perfect. :) I am most excited about the Red Riding Hood film. Hope it lives up to the exciting trailer! :) Theresa


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