Friday, February 18, 2011

Sacred Spaces

 I have long been enamoured with the bohemian style of decorating, and just love rich coloured and textured fabrics...not for me the minimalist style! My bedroom is decorated in a style that I find comforting and inspiring. It is after all where I dream some amazing dreams...but that's a whole other blog post!

I think it is important to surround ourselves with beauty and things that sing to our souls...oh, and cute puppies don't hurt either! A 'sacred space' where we can feel at peace and harmony.

I recently discovered 2 lovely bohemian style blogs which entice me with their gypsy goodness. Go on over and visit Jeannie at Romany Soup and Dawn at Bohemian Valhalla - below is just a taste of what sort of goodness you can expect at Jeannie's blog.

Thankyou also to everyone for your beautifully encouraging comments about my cushions in the last post...I had such fun creating them, and am inspired to make more.  I have been off treasure hunting and hit the jackpot with some gorgeous trims and trinkets for embellishing. Can't wait to begin creating again...

I have a little book on creating sacred spaces and wanted to include a little quote from it..."When we take time to revere our own greatness and acknowledge our innate gifts, we create a space around us that truly reflects who we are".  Isn't that wonderful?
And finally, a little bohemian flikr mosaic to tempt your gypsy souls...some are my flikr faves, and some are my own photos - credits below...enjoy x
1. rosetin, 2. rosebud, 3. L1030129, 4. Mad Tea Party 2010 4, 5. play 024, 6. Untitled, 7. bolig inspiration, 8. Vivre Dehors, 9. Tee Pee, 10. Peacock, 11. peacock, 12. Carousel Dreams turns one, 13. just thinking..., 14. Strawberry Layer Cake, 15. Boinga Bob's House, 16. A few of my favourite things

                                                           Happy Weekend my friends x


  1. ~what a beautiful post my dear friend...your bedroom a wonderful oasis and i adore waterhouse paintings..."circe" always reminds me of my chosen mother as she had this painting in her bedroom as well...i love creating sacred spaces throughout our home and yard...the quote you shared sums it up have my mind swirling with ideas now of what i could create...thank you for sharing this inspiring little post with us...i do hope all is well and life is being only kind in your days...thank you for all the loving supported wishes and blessings you have sent forth to is a blessings beyond having you walk along side me...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  2. My gypsy soul is overflowing! Love your bedroom (puppy and all :0) You are so right, sacred spaces are so necessary in this crazy world. Lovely post my dear, kindred sister. Hope you have a wonderful weekend XO

  3. In my heart I do feel somewhat bohemian, but it does not show up in my home. I wished it did. I will have to work on it, if not my home, maybe the way I dress. Thanks for sharing the blogs.

  4. Yay Tina...gorgeous gorgeous sacred space....I adore your world and your spirit and energy..beautiful post! You make my heart sing with your magic! Hugs! thanks for these dazzling links..and such an inspiring mosaic!!wow!

    Have a sparkling wkd ahead!

    PS: and gorgeous Pip such a beautiful shots..what kind of doggy is she? she is adorable. My sis visited here and loved your blog and was drawn to your pup!I said I'd ask!

  5. Your Bedroom looks restful and Boheme' Romantic. Thanks for the shout out and I'm loving your Mosaic, now I'm off to explore the Sourced Flickr Libraries of those who created such amazing Bohemian images!

    Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I was about to recommend a boho website to you then realised I found it here in the first place!! Moon something or other...

    I love that Waterhouse painting you have above your bed. Last year I saw the real thing at a Waterhouse exhibition at The Royal Academy. I'm telling you it blew me away - the colours are out of this world. If you ever get the chance you must see it (or even better own it!)

  7. Thankyou everyone - my cup runneth over...Kiki, Pip is a Cavoodle - King Charles Cavalier cross poodle, and she is the most beautifully mannered, placid little girl...a much loved new member of our family who is way too spoiled for her own good! Wrightstuff, the blog you mentioned is Moon to Moon, and yes, she has some gorgeous images over there! My Auntie has also seen this painting 'in the flesh' and she said exactly the same thing to me! I really must go and see it for myself one day - I love his art as well x

  8. I have to say I look so forward to your posts dear friend! I am DROOLING over all of this bohemian deliciousness! You are truly suchna divine kindred! love love love! Xoxo. Melissa

  9. Ha. That was supposed to say SUCH A. .....tryingnto type on an ipad

  10. Your world is magical my friend...thank you so much for sharing all the JOY! Happy weekend to you. xo

  11. What a lovely post! I enjoy bohemian style, as well - although I don't always implement it. LOL Thanks for sharing Jeannie and Dawn - I love visiting with new people. Love the pretty trims and trinkets you found - they are indeed bohemian. Thanks for sharing the mosaic and your sweet little furry baby. What a cute face!!! Theresa

  12. Tina what a fun post. Always fun to visit your blog

  13. Oh, I'm in heaven ... this collage of images is swoon worthy!!! :))) Colorful, playful, inspiring, imaginative, and food for the eyes as well as the soul! A million thank you's Tina ... you always bring so much sunshine to my day!

    A blessed and blissful weekend to you!

  14. Hi Tina;\I LOVE your style! I have a little bohemian in me too but I am surrounded by boys so it's harder for me to express it outwardly as you do. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that little blanket on the edge of your bed!!!! Where can I get one???? LOL!
    Welcome to the Artist Blog Hop. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you.

  15. Thanks for visiting my Post... yes, carving out time for creativity is one of my most difficult challenges. Though to be sure I don't know how disciplined I would be as a full time Artist *winks*... sometimes I'm "on" and sometimes I'm "off"... there is no magical switch I can turn on to be in the creative zone and rhythm... it has a mind of its own it seems?!?

    I for one am hoping you get some time to create something magnificent to share with us out of that recent stash of trims and trinkets!

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian


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