Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Blessings...

This week I have been slowly getting back into some sort of a routine after our little adventure to Bali...
I forgot to tell you that my darling Pippi puppy went on her own little adventure to my auntie's house for 2 weeks. Well, I have to tell you, we came home to a very well-mannered little lady - it's like she grew up in 2 weeks! She had such a lovely time with my gorgeous auntie and her Poppy angel (a King Charles Cavalier).

I was afraid that Pippi would not remember me, but she gave me such beautiful cuddles when I went to pick her up, and my Auntie Sandra had painted this beautiful portrait of her that it made me cry!

I am so happy to have her home with me again - she really is a sweetheart...I know, I'm awful, but this does crack me up!

Anyway, I took her for a long walk yesterday and it was a beautiful sunny day...I bumped into a neighbour, and we chatted for almost an hour. I began to feel incredibly blessed and grateful for so many little things. When I got home, I tidied up a bit, then went outside and wandered around my garden. I marvelled at the little lettuces that I grew from seedlings and which the possums have decided to leave alone - no such luck with the silverbeet though - the little rascals have been nibbling the leaves!

The foxgloves I planted are also coming along nicely - I am beyond excited for them to bloom over summer - can't wait! See, little things...

This orchid is my pride and joy, and a source of much orchid envy from my parents, ha was a gift to us when Georgia was born, and I am ashamed to say, I do neglect it somewhat, but every year it rewards us with a spectacular show of these gorgeous blooms! Dad says it's not fair, because I don't look after it properly. But, there you go, sometimes things just are...

I also wanted to tell you I went to the movies to see EAT PRAY LOVE - oh, I loved every minute of it! I just 'got' it...if you know what I mean. And Julia Roberts is so very beautiful and that smile!
Ooh, do pop over to this blog and see why perfectionism sucks! Creativity and living authentically is so much more fun and twice as interesting!

Here are some words that sum up my week:

fun, silly, family, sauvignon blanc, smoked salmon, asparagus, chocolate, gooey cheese, baklava, market, sunshine, hippies, tutus, puppies, music, laughter, cupcakes, barbecue, friends, home, books, hammock, garden, skirts, sandalwood, Patty Griffin, inspiration, blue skies, fresh laundry, bare feet, bongos, blessings, possibilities...what are your words this week?


  1. ...chocolate, pillows, bubbles, enchantment, expression, cabernet, twinkle-lights, delight, music, breezes, sleep-overs, family, surprising-invitations, chocolatechip-muffins, dancing, pumpkins, purring!

  2. My words are, "conjure, spell, great legs like yours," Holy cow woman, I am going to have to figure out a spell or buy a trampoline.
    LOL.... I love the tutu. YOu are a riot.
    What fun. I think I will go and put mine on, and jump around the yard waving my wand and try to get the fairies to dance.
    Pippi is tooooo adorable and what a great portrait
    So glad you are home safe, The garden looks beautiful. I love those little lettuces. How cute are they.
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  3. you crazy wonderful friend you...i love your words from your week..i so want to come over to your house to play dressups...singing and skipping jo...p.s young angus and i saw a very big tiger snake last night...i screamed it was on our dirt road...

  4. after i sent my note to you-ive seen other girls words..circus,tattoo,mannequin,machine,candles,glitter,fur,romeo,blushing,marshmallows,not normal,silver slippers,lanterns,perfume,yellow canary,vanilla,tea towels,yesterday,betsy johnson.dreamy,magazines,mirrors,whisper,antique......

  5. Yay..fabulous post...full of magic and awe as always! Beautiful photos..oh what a sweet soul..and beautiful!! Wishing you much joy and magic always..and thanks for the magic you share with us all! Shine on girl!

  6. What adorable pics!!! Love the boa on your little puppy.....SO cute! I'm so glad you liked Eat, Pray, comes out on DVD here Nov. 23rd....and I will be there to buy it! So glad to have you back!

  7. Thanks girls! I love your words - such fun...Wendy, you crack me up! Jo, a tiger snake! I would have screamed too...and your words are so you x Thanks to each of you - you make my day.

  8. Ooooh Pip is so adorable. My little Frankie looks just like her (but her behaviour is not so sweet and lovely). She's a very naughty little girl!!!! The portrait is adorable too. Glad you enjoyed the movie - I can't wait to see it!

  9. Hi again! thanks for aaaaall your super-lovely comments and visits....hugs and sparkles for shining into my day and night!
    You are a shining star!

  10. First I must say, you have fabulous legs!!! I loved Eat, Love, Pray too! It made me want to travel, especially to BALI! Lucky you. **kisskiss** Deb

  11. YOu are soooooo inspiring!!! LOve your wee gal in the orange feathers :) Bali must have been unreal!! ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}


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