Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Inspiration...

It's Friday afternoon, and I can't find Spring anywhere! She was here for a while, but now it seems she has gone away...the rain today has been somewhat relentless. No matter, it just makes me want to nestle inside and play.

I love to create little vignettes around the house, and you may have noticed I love old, tarnished silver. I collect it from op shops and markets, and use it all the time. Since I discovered she has inspired me no end. I adore her relaxed, individual approach to decorating, as well as her eclectic style of dressing. (Oh, how I wish I could buy her clothes in Australia...sigh). If you haven't already, check out her blog - she has lots of inspiring videos which show her amazing home. I just love homes that say so much about the people who live there. With Tracy, it's all about layers and that is exactly what I am slowly trying to achieve in my own home.

Also, with Christmas on the way, check out her Christmas decorating ideas...I used lots of them last year, and would hate to guess how many times I watched her videos.

She is also big on trays, and so now I pick them up whenever I spy them - they are wonderful for containing collections (which can be moved around the home on a whim), or fabulous for entertaining...just last week, I served asparagus, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, strawberries and runny cheese on one of my large silver platters. It just looks that much more appealing.

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you about these little nuggets of chocolatey decadence I stumbled upon today! Chocolate covered rasberries! No, not the fruit - the lollies! Oh......somebody please stop me!!! Served in one of my tattered silver doesn't get much better than this.

Here's hoping that you all have a wonderful weekend...I have some soup bubbling on the stove (made from the leg of lamb we had for dinner last night). Some crusty bread, a glass of red wine, and an open fire - my idea of a wonderful Friday night.

I will leave you with some Tracy Porter goodness. Oh, and check out her take on Halloween decorating - so cool.


  1. oh yes! I adore Tracey Porter! I've had all her books for years and any time I get uninspired I like to pull them out and recharge! thanks for reminding I want to go visit her site! hope you are well, xox natalea

  2. Yay..i'll join you in a glass of red..and wow..another fabulous post..full of enchantment and joy and so much inspiration as always to sink my teeth in! I love your creative vingettes..and i so love silver too! Wonderful chocolate beauties..YUM! Enjoy! and yes she is a wonderful creatrix that TP! beautiful photos..lovely!
    HUgs...wishing you sparkles everywhere!

  3. OOOOoooooo I love your decorating style. Quite charming. I shall need to visit the Tracy Porter blog. Christmas in the summer just seems so strange to me! Not that we get any snow here in the desert. Happy Friday, my friend! **kisskiss** Deb

  4. I will check her out....those chocolates look YUMMY! Sounds like an amazing Friday night! I wish I could be there with you to share it.....

  5. Oh, I love Tracy Porter too! She is so so inspiring. I really love to watch her videos and her home is beyond amazing. Thanks for stopping by. Hope Spring returns for you again soon.

  6. HA!! ....having my second bowl of tomato bisque soup!...and I lost track of the number of glasses of wine I have enjoyed!....Thank your for the inspiration!!


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