Sunday, October 03, 2010

I'm Back!

My darling blog friends, I am back from our little adventure - and what an adventure it was! Did you guess where I went? It was Bali...such a wonderful, spiritual place. I am well rested, but happy to be home again...

I love Bali and her people, but prefer the quieter places away from the shopping and traffic...we escaped to a little island called Lembongan which was very beautiful, and wonderfully relaxing. I just love the rituals that are performed as part of daily life here in Bali - we could learn a lot about living in the moment and taking the time to be grateful for all that we have instead of rushing all over the place...every morning, offerings are given, and the smell of incense permeates the air.

Remember I told you Jo of was holidaying nearby? Well, it was lovely - we caught up on the beach and watched the sunset - I tell you, that girl is a sweetheart! I am so blessed to have met her.

We also took a little day trip to Ubud, for I had heard of a beautiful art museum called the Antonio Blanco Renaissance was incredible! He was a Spanish artist who lived in Bali where he met his Balinese wife and built a beautiful museum, showcasing his eclectic paintings (although he died before it was finished) is set amongst beautiful tropical gardens with aviaries full of colourful birds. (He was known as 'The Dali of Bali' for his unique art.) After arriving, we were escorted into the gardens and given iced tea to sip while we met these gorgeous creatures...

We stopped for lunch at the Lotus Gardens and ate like kings and queens...the perfect ending to a magical day...

One day Abby and I went to Seminyak for 'high tea' in a beautiful old building filled with gorgeous paintings and was so hot this day, but we did enjoy our afternoon tea...a real treat after nasi goreng and noodles! (Notice how I look like a beetroot! Told you it was hot!)

I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into my holiday - I am looking forward to visiting you all over the next week, as I slowly get back into some sort of a routine. Thankyou all for your sweet comments - I do so love to read them. Namaste x


  1. Yay!!! WElcome I missed your fun spirit and colorful soul! What a lovely trip..such gorgeous photos of you all..those birds are magnificent...wonderfully inspiring! Enjoy all your memories..and thanks for sharing your adventure...have a sparkling week ahead!

  2. hello darling friend....oh i am so so happy we meet up in Bali.....i treasure our friendship so much...thankyou..singing and skipping..x x x jo

  3. OMGoodness, how fabulous!!! Bali!!! How lucky you are. I just fell in love with Bali after seeing the moving "Eat, Pray, Love". **swoons**
    More photos please and thank you. **blows kisses** Deb

  4. What an incredible adventure!!!! BALI! I am LOVING your your new follower! :) Glad you are back so you can keep the bold inspiration coming! Welcome home!!

  5. Welcome Back! I am so glad to hear that you had such a magical holiday! I would LOVE to visit Bali one day.....a seems to be such a magical place.....a place to live in the present. It is one of the places visited in Eat, Pray, was my favorite part in the movie.

  6. So glad you are back...I did miss you! Your time away looks amazing...lucky girl you!

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