Friday, October 22, 2010

Blooming Lovely

Yesterday was my mother's birthday, so today we went for a drive in the was a beautiful Spring day, very warm, so I put the roof down on the car, and off we went. I know it's rude to discuss a lady's age, but I do have to give you a hint and tell you she is only a couple of years off the big 8.0.! Can you believe it? Doesn't she look incredible?

I have shown you guys this gorgeous place before, called Bella Vedere, in the Yarra Valley near my home. The food here is delicious - beautiful, fresh seasonal produce, prepared simply. Mum had the rabbit in apple cider, and I chose veal cutlet with a porcini mushroom sauce - yum! We decided to forego dessert, as I had baked an orange cake in the morning, and decided we would have coffee and cake for afternoon tea at home.

So after we had strolled around the pretty cottage gardens, we hopped back in the car and headed home, where I laid out afternoon tea...

We had such a lovely day...


  1. Yay Happy Birthday Momma Carousel Dreams! Such a lovely beautiful day you both had..the cake looks dazzling..with those flower ontop..what a beuaty! yes he looks both do!
    Have a happy wkd! and cheers!!
    PS: thanks for you lovely visits and sparkly words!I loved your powerful and wise sharing about art..fabulous!wow!

  2. Halloooo and congrats to you! You're one of my Halloween Party Giveaway WINNERS :D
    Please contact me through my profile with your info and I'll get your goodie on its way.

  3. what a fabulous day! You have inspired me to invite my mum for tea this week. ....or maybe wine:)

  4. So beautiful! ♫♪ Happy Happy Birthday ♫♪ to your Mum! So kind of her to pass on her beauty genes to you! **kisskiss** Deb


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