Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beneath the Fairy Bower

Follow me beneath the twisted vines to a magical place where dreams and wishes come true.

Won't you join me for some lemonade.

Wings are optional.

I'm loving these little Spring vases...just grab some old jars (I always have a few hanging around in my cupboards - I tell you, I'm a bit of a never know when you might need stuff!) Twist some wire around the rim and make a loop, fill with water and voila! Sweet little vases to hang in the trees (or anywhere you fancy). These would also look amazing with candles at nighttime, strung up in the trees. I like them with little flowers picked from my garden. And the more mismatched, the better!

I love to create sacred spaces...they make me feel alive and inspired.

I hope everyone is having a magical Monday and finding the sacred within the everyday x


  1. OoooooooooOh I have similar wings! can I join in?
    I have added your link to the guest list. I am sure you will fing something lovely and colourful to present!


  2. How delicious, i love your faerie bower, you have the perfect knack of making everything look so magical. Wish i did have wings so i could fly over for a sip of lemonade under the trees x

  3. You have a wonderful blog here. I just love this post and the pictures.


  4. Ah, I wish I could join you- I'd don my black bad faerie wings and spike the lemonade ;P

  5. Okay, I just ran to the closet and pulled out my wings!!!! Pink. I am joining you in that most delightful little nook! **squeals** Love love love the stone pathway. OMGoodness, pure delight!
    **blows kisses** Deb

  6. WOW...beautiful post! You are such an enchanter and dream weaver..and i love the spell you have cast upon me today..THANKYOU! and yes love those jars of flwoers in trees! Cool!
    have a saprkling magical week!

  7. Thank you for this post. I forget sometimes to play and create just for the sake of creating what with all the work I get into. Creating for a living is wonderful and I wouldn't change that however trying to find the balance and create for my soul too is so difficult! I am definitely going to play a bit this week!
    Thank you, thank you

    PS love the hanging jars... I do this for my brides both with candles and flowers and then hang them around where they are saying their vows, very magical!!!

  8. What a very magical, enchanting way to spend your Monday....or any day for that matter! I don't have any wings.....but I sure would love to come over and play! It's fall here so it's quite lovely to see the pretty flowers you are enjoying now.....

  9. You girls are the best...I am waiting for you all underneath the fairy bower to arrive with your wings. It's so lovely to meet new friends, Willow and Tricia. Have you met all the other lovelies here? I think it will be quite the party when Mermaiden arrives (my kind of friend, hee hee) I shall hang some jars with candles in the trees and we can dance beneath the moonlight...

  10. I would love to fly over for some lemonade and fairy dust! I love your little magical nook! I am ALL about the magical nook:).....I am saving for an old caravan to fix up and use as my OWN hiding place!.....although, like everything, the kids will take it over I am sure and turn it into some sort of war/army vehicle! sigh...
    Thanks for the magic today luv!!

  11. How enchanting and what fun you have....I want to come play along.

    Tuesday hugs my friend. xoxo

  12. oh your world is so over the top divine..that first photo should be a post card.

  13. ~fit for a faerie is this sweet sacred place you have made...i want to come and play!! and if i may...your dress is gorgeous! l♥ve it...i have the same rick rack jars that i made...a wonderful glow the give for candles as well...delighted to have stumbled upon your magical little place here and very much look forward to more visits that shall come...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  14. it's gorgeous!
    i'm actually at a loss for words!!!


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