Monday, August 01, 2011

A Spring in my Step...

Steve's accident knocked me for six, and I hit a bit of a know how when something bad happens, it tends to set the tone for the following I haven't really felt like coming here.  But that has all changed with the arrival (finally) of Spring downunder - yay! Today was one of those magical days where, when you hop out of bed, you just know it's going to be a good day. I decided that a walk was in order, to soak up the long-awaited sunshine, but also to blow out the cobwebs and start anew...

I felt that my regular walking route just wouldn't cut it today, and felt the call of one of my magic places - the beautiful Yarra River at Pip and I hopped in the car and drove 10 minutes to this beautiful place. Because we have had so much rain lately, the river was flowing quite rapidly, and I could just feel the tension slipping away as I listened to the sound of the running water. For the first time in ages, the sun felt warm on my skin, and as we walked, we listened to the call of the kookaburras and said hello to the other walkers of the human and 4 legged variety...Pip is so very social, and always loves to stop when she meets another dog.

 I love the houses that back onto the river, and admired this little family of chickens, foraging for their food...I miss having my chickens, but have refused to get anymore until Ian builds me a fox-proof house, because it's too sad when they are killed - I really do miss collecting the fresh eggs every day.
 Pip was quite enamoured with the ducks swimming in the river...after our walk, I grabbed a coffee from the bakery, and we sat here and watched them for a while - bliss.
 On the way home, we stopped off at a little nursery, and I couldn't resist buying some pretty spring flowers to spruce up my garden...nothing like a bit of sunshine to really inspire me.  My little cubby-house in the garden was given a makeover, and I hung a little chandelier which I picked up recently from the op shop for $3.00 - bargain!

 I am feeling so much better, and again, I want to thank you all for your well wishes for Steve and his family. Yesterday, he moved to another hospital to begin his rehabilitation, which I think will be around 2 weeks. His recovery truly is a miracle...

What will you do today to nourish yourself, inside and out?

Today I choose JOY


  1. Love to see your spirit bright my friend! Continuing to send Steven healing light!! xo

  2. Yay..Sweet Beautiful Tina...what a gorgeous springtime post..such mega-beautiful pictures you have shared..just lovely and sooo dreamy! I had such fun following the spirit of your a story book...wonderful writing! Pip is the cutest...I love that you went on an adventure! Oh must have been nice having fresh eggs! Lovely! Wonderful news about Steve, hooray,,all the best to him!
    Sending you joy and love and springtime sparkles...hugs and hugs!

  3. PS: beautiful I find such nourishment in my loved ones and family..and out side in my garden and nature..just soaking it all up..simple appreciation! And i just had a b-day on the I shall celebrate flying through that magical portal..I am now 4-0..hooray!

  4. Hi Tina! So glad you spirits are up!! These are such beautiful pictures!! I am waiting for Fall to make it here.....the heat here has been SO bad....way too hot to enjoy anything outside. Your post is so enchanting....I so wish we could sit together and have some tea!

  5. so glad u r back & your spirits r up...sounds like a beautiful,much needed outing u & little pip had - so happy to hear steve's recovery is going so well....i just adore your little cubby house......(lately i have been in "nourish" mode too - spent last sat in sydney, visiting glebe markets, 2nd hand bookshops & eating scrummy food, as well as getting back into my garden & aromatherapy oils - making little potion bathbombs, herbal teas, etc - & spent this afternoon on a lovely boardwalk overlooking the sea...ahh...i am definitely feeling the need to slow down & smell the roses - perhaps there is something in the air!!!)

  6. My dear blog friend... I am so happy for you. I can feel the relief in your words and I am feeling it for you. It is so very stressful, exhausting, and life disrupting when someone close has such serious health problems. I am so happy he is going to be OK. That is the best news! Your photos are lovely as are your words as always. I do so wish that I could join you and Pip on your walks. You've no idea how wonderfully exotic "...listening to the call of the kookaburras" sounds to me. I would love to join you! So glad to see a new post from you, I have been missing you,
    Take good care,
    Love, Tricia

  7. So happy to see that you are getting back to normal. And it's also great to hear that Steve continues to do well. :) What a lovely place to journey in and collect yourself. :)


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