Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blooming Lovely

 Beautiful muted shades of faded roses, perched upon some tarnished silver...just a few of my favourite things. A cyclamen, plunked into a tattered old silver ice-bucket makes a wonderful alternative to a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase. I love the way the pink pops against the turquoise - two of my favourite colours.
I spoke a little too soon in my last post about the weather, for the cold has come back with a vengeance! I was so happy to see the sunshine, I almost forgot that we have a few weeks left of winter! So, to cheer me up, I have been surrounding myself with fresh flowers. For something different, it's nice to buy cheap plants such as a cyclamen, or perhaps a little pot of daffodils or hyacinths, popped into a beautiful vessel (think outside the box here) - have a look around the house - sometimes the most unlikely containers make wonderful pots to display some pretty seasonal plants. The great thing about this is that when they begin to look a little tired, you can plant them out into the garden - you don't get that with fresh flowers!

Taking a little stroll down my street, I was enchanted by my neighbours beautiful garden - now tell me fairies don't live beneath this gorgeous tree! It is so pretty with its garland-like flowers, cascading down like decorations on a Christmas tree... 

I spent some time here this afternoon, celebrating a friend's birthday...even though it was a little chilly, I found myself enjoying sitting on their porch, the mountains in the distance, and surrounded by their many camellia trees which are all blooming profusely right now...the lawn beneath was strewn with a carpet of petals.

I sipped on champagne, and sampled some of Trish's beautiful home-made goodies...I have to tell you, my neighbour is the most incredible cook. There were little smoked salmon topped frittatas, mini croissants with ham and cheese, bite-size hamburgers, and the most delectable desserts like lemon cheesecake, apple crumble and chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and strawberries, served in shot glasses - I love this idea, and think I shall steal borrow it for Georgia's 18th birthday. I really wish I had taken some photos to show you, but I was too busy stuffing feeding myself.

She did insist on me bringing home a loaf of her home-baked bread, which was unbelievably good topped with strawberry jam and cream!
It is Saturday night here, and I have a house-ful of teenagers, and I have to tell you, their energy is astounding! It is getting close to 11.00pm and the music blaring through the house is beginning to give me a headache - ohhhhh...I am old! So I have escaped here to spend some time with all of you lovely friends, before I attempt to tell them that it is soon time for slumber - yeah right! Cos that's going to happen any time soon!

Wish me luck!


  1. OK, so I'm loving the new look and what you've done with the photos - great vintage feel. My fave is the first one with the roses on the tray - the reflections look almost ghostly.

    Now, what's with that tree with the garlands. Is that for real? It look truly magical.

  2. Yay Tina...LOVE the new look of the beautiful!!! and such a gorgeous post...your photos are are so talented! Wow-factor!! Sounds like a lovely time! Champagne please for me too! ha ha!! Always a trip fo enchantment know how to dazzle the soul!! Wishing you a happy wkd my friend with lots of sparkles and magic!

  3. Dearest Tina, you crack me up, girlfriend! First of all, I must say, we are kindred souls. I too have been filling old vases with flowers from the garden to bring indoors. Always, I must have a petite bouquet on my night stand ... before I close my eyes and beauty when I awaken!

    Indeed! Only faeries could spin such magic in, under, and around that FABULOUS tree! OH, what a sight! I would NEVER want to leave! :)))

    It has been AGES since I have been a teenager ... but I do fondly remember those evenings of girly, giggly, fun, and LOUD music. AND yes, mothers always eventuality found their way to said room to lay siege to the fray of enthusiasm! Now, I must disagree, we are NOT that OLD, just gloriously refined! :)))

  4. hi tina - beautiful u know what type of tree that is??? it is just gorgeous....i know what u mean about the cold (yesterday wasn't too bad, so we were all out in the garden, but today it is grey & drizzly)- i can't wait for spring...i love bringing my flowering plants indoors too & was looking at some little potted poppies yesterday in the garden centre, thinking what an amazing display they would make...its so much fun creating mini gardens inside...i love the background for your new look blog - very gorgeous & very u!!! (hope u got some sleep last night with all those teenagers!!) xxx

  5. Hi Tina! I LOVE your new look! And what a magical post......that tree! Faeries DEFINITELY live there! The bread!! YUM!!! I put your name on the list over at the Gypsy Dreams blog party....if you decide you don't have time just let me know....but I do hope you join us!

  6. OMG that Tree with the Garland Blooms is magnificent, what is it called? Loving your faded blooms... but viewing the fresh baked bread with jam & cream, after having behaved myself all day with a good workout and eating healthy... well, it almost made me 'cave'!!! *Arghhhhhhhhh* Thank goodness if it's not here I can't eat it! *whew*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. I love your new blog look! Very dreamy. :) And your photos are divine - and yes, faeries must certainly live in that GORGEOUS tree! I've not seen anything like that before. It looks like it could sparkle and make music. :) That bread and jam looks amazing...yum!

  8. He he! I hope you got your girls in bed without too much fuss! I think kids and teenagers are the solution to the energy problem, just hook them up to a generator and all will be well, we will have a surplus of energy! LOL!
    I just love the old fashion quality you have to your pictures, and I adore your new look. I feel like I am looking at lovely hand painted photos from my parents time and your background is gorgeous. Beautiful!
    The trees with the long draping blooms, are those the camilla trees you speak of? They are magnificent! You have such lovely exotic flowers and foliage in Australia. One of these days I would love to see them for my self.
    Hope you are having a most wonderful summer!
    Hugs from California,



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