Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Little Secret...shhh

I have a sneaky little confession to make...I have a new is consuming large amounts of my time, and I think I need an intervention! I have discovered pinterest and it is awesome! You know how much I love my magazines, and collecting inspiring photos...well this is all that and more...but, be warned, if you have not yet discovered it, it is highly addictive! Go check out my inspiration if you like.

In the meantime, I have borrowed some images from there to take us on a little adventure, because I am sick of Melbourne's cold, wet weather...we can but let's hitch up our gypsy wagon, to my little friend
isn't she adorable? and let's hit the road...I hope you are dressed for a gypsy adventure? Perhaps something amazing from my new favourite place Spell and the Gypsy...

...and don't forget your cowboy boots - yeehaw!Perhaps some gypsy jewells...
Let's take the path less travelled...
to discover hidden doorways...
in forests of green...then picnic by the ocean, sharing laughter and music

...and paella cooked on the campfire...
and washed down with big glasses of sangria...(oops, getting a bit tipsy...)

Then let's watch the sun set across the ocean, then dance the night away to gypsy sounds...

Feeling sleepy? Rest your head a while inside the little gypsy's cosy and warm
In the morning let's celebrate the new dawn with some yoga on the sand...

Before we head home, how about a tattoo to remember the wonderful time we all had? Go on, I dare you!

I hope you all had fun...I know I did...and remember, if you decide to go and check out pinterest, don't say I didn't warn you...

(All the photos here are taken from the Pinterest site, which lists their origins)


  1. after a huge day at work, your little gypsy journey was just what i needed to unwind my soul...thank you :) xxx (i havn't ventured onto pinterest yet, as i know i will become easily addicted, but the temptation is pulling me in!!)

  2. Hi my gorgeous friend !!
    Oh, how i love this post and how i would love to live like that!! Wonderful photos Tina!!! Thanks for sharing your new addiction!!!
    I also want to say how much i like the bohemian hat you won!!! It fits you so much!! It is wonderful like you!!!!
    Send you lots of sparkles and kisses!!
    Mirsini :)

  3. Hi! yes I discovered Pininterest 3 days ago and I havent been off of it since! These images are beautiful and I will be repinning some myself! xx

  4. Yay Tina....thanks for this magical adventure!!
    WOW...eye candy central!!

    I checked out your page( still exploring.) and i LOVE the photo you have of Vali Myers ! Fab!

    This post was super that colorful mosaic style pathway..and those gorgeous rings and all of these enchanted places!!

    Thankyou Fabulous Bettina!! Your rock!!
    Hugs and world feels mega-magical today..thanks to you!I needed that!! Hugs

  5. You're preaching to the converted!! Just started following you on there. My you have been busy!!

    Loved your little adventure my friend. It's raining here too, so was just what we needed.

  6. I adore all the gypsy loveliness! I think I need a gypsy wagon as soon as possible.

  7. OHHHHHHH AMAZING IMAGES THAT FILL MY SENSES!!! xoxoxo them!!!! The Wanderlust album has my head spinning! You have a photo saved from Santorini, Greece of a natural pool.....I was in that very same pool.:)...I swam there...NAKED!...and then ate watermellon and drank champagne. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    love you....thank you for posting....another addiction I'll just add to the bunch!

  8. Get out, Melissa!!! Ohhhh, lucky you! Greece is definitely on my bucket list...

  9. "Hello... my name is Tricia and I am a pinterest addict too!"
    You found my source, my stash, my hook up! Isn't it wonderful!!! I could (and do ) spend hours there! Love your pics, you are a gypsy at heart just like me! Hurrah!
    In the throws of sweet addiction,

  10. I just signed up for it a few days ago. Looking forward to having a proper play on there when I get home from work tonight. :-)

  11. Oh Tina ... this was quite the magical post, one I soooooooooooooooooooooo needed! I love that saying on the wagon above, couldn't have written one better myself! :O

    Every image you chose was perfect ... I especially loved the pony and that magical spot in the base of the old tree. Now that truly looked like hobbit territory. One wonderful thing about having a gypsy soul is that so many places look warm and inviting .... how easy it would be to travel from one nest to the next!

  12. Oh Lord I know... I discovered Pinterest very recently and didn't come down to Earth for HOURS... it is very addictive. *Winks* I'm loving that Hippie Van ceiling... and the Beach scene... and 'Spell & The Gypsy Collective' is a fav of mine as well.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. What a beautiful post - I truly loved it!!!! I am on Pinterest and I just followed you. :) I would like to thank you, too, for the kind words you wrote me regarding my job at the bookstore. It truly meant a lot to me. :) Thank you for this visually sumptuous trip!

  14. What a wonderful adventure that was.

  15. My sister invited me to join pinterest a while ago and I never got round to it, now I just HAVE to. I love all things GYPSY and our new home we're about to start on is gunna be our little Hipsy hideaway (hippie/gypsy) hehe my new term!! thanks for sharing. Jul xo

  16. Oh my, i hardly dare look so much loveliness! sighs, definately a lady after my own heart. I love beautiful images like these, do I dare to take a peep at pinterest!!! I shall loose hours lol


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