Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bohemian Bliss in the Garden

Follow me down the garden path to my gypsy's my little version of a gypsy caravan, this little playhouse, long abandoned by my children. I come here to dream and imagine, and sip Moroccan tea and watch the birds in the trees - won't you join me? Today was another beautiful sunshiney day, and the garden was calling me...what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to don this INCREDIBLE HAT which was sent to me by the divine Tricia over at Conversations with the Muses I tell you, this girl is majorly talented - can you believe this beauty? I hit the jackpot, and won it in her Mad Tea Party giveaway!
 Just look at the work in this amazing creation! Can you imagine the happy dance I did when the postman knocked on my door with this? I'm not even joking - Tricia, you made my day, my year! Thankyou, sweet friend.
Birds and butterflies...two of my favourite things...and so fitting for Springtime, don't you think? Just look at that little nest...

I planted a wisteria yesterday, and hope that it will meander up and across my little gypsy home before too long...fingers crossed.

Wanna know something funny? I actually thought it was Spring, because of the beautiful weather we have had the past few days, then the girls reminded me that it is indeed still winter - oops, silly me! Well, anyway, I felt Springy today, especially in this gorgeous hat...

"The cycle of the seasons goes on. So does the cycle of life and so will I" - Christine Lister


  1. how amazing! the hat is gorgeous, looks perfect on you..
    and your little gypsy house, oh my gosh!!!
    i love it.
    have great day and thanks for sharing.

  2. what an amazing hat...and your little gypsy house so gorgeous - can i please move in!!! xxx

  3. OMG, TINA!!! I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite to date!!! Oh, your little "caravan" is so wonderful!! Love, love, love the color. And the hat, FABULOUS! What a fabulous and frivolous girly concoction! Oh, you know how much I too love birds ... this little masterpiece is simply delicious! Indeed, the day looks much like spring ... you have set a most beckoning table ... I'm with Julie, I'm ready to move in ANY time! :)))

  4. I always love my visits here - it's like stepping into a magical world full of fairies and teacups and sparkles!

  5. Yay!! Super Fabulous post Tina....gorgeous gorgeous this series! Wow..what a spectacular magnificent you look...just are gorgeous girll! I love your deocr Tina..all the treasures and painted blues..all magical and all divine..yes..such bliss..wish i was have such an enchanting way about you!!
    HUgs and shine on..thanks for this divine-treat!

  6. and I both know how much a love me some Gypsy stuff.....and your little Gypsy house is no different....LOVE it! I will have me a Gypsy Hideaway someday! And your little Gypsy house will be a perfect place to join me.....when I announce my little secret over at my blog.....just sayin.....hee hee hee

  7. I love your bohemian garden so very much!!! And that hat was just MADE for you!!!! Tricia is a fabulous artisan. :) Enjoy!!! :)

  8. The fab Hat Tricia made you look simply mahvelous in darlink! We had fun wearing ours too & now it sits proudly on one of the Mannequin Twins in a vignette.

    I'm loving your Bohemian Hideaway... have saved it to my fav pixs! I was supposed to be working on mine just before my Mom took ill... so now I'm shooting for Fall to turn my Gazebo into my Bohemian Hideaway in the Garden. Alas, my Son's Room-Mate moved out before he could help us transform it, but The Man is back from Alaska so I still have enough testosterone around to do the muscle work. *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. You are soooo adorable!!! The hat suits you! I am so glad it lives with you now. It is so odd, surreal actually, to have made something with my own hands completely from my heart and imagination, lived with it for a while getting used to seeing it in my workspace on my mannequin, using it in a photo shoot and then to see it half way around the globe on you in your lovely garden. Small world of kindred souls indeed!
    I LOVE your gypsy house! Put it on wheels and you have a caravan! I love that you painted it such magical shades of blue.... and your peacock and the fringe shawls. and the tea glasses, and, and, and. It is wonderful, as are you!
    Lots of kindred faerie blogging love,

  10. No wonder you're dancing! I'll be dancing too if I got such lovely "sombrero". Just divine. And that little hideaway of yours--to die for! Such lovely place and such lovely lady too! ;) Always a pleasure coming here.


  11. You are soooo blessed!!! A gypsy house...a fabulous hat....and did I see a peacock on a windowsill??? SWOON!!! oxoxoxox LOVE LOVE LOVE


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