Monday, June 24, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

It seems that once again, I have been absent for way too long. I have just not felt inspired to write here. I look back through this funny little blog, and it seems so much has changed. I will forever be grateful for everything this little space has brought me...beautiful friendships, a place to share and inspire, and an incentive to be creative.

I have been so busy in my new life as a yoga teacher...a whole new world has opened up its doors to me, and it seems that I have fully immersed myself in this exciting new world. Teaching is very rewarding, but also it is hard work. I am passionate about sharing all that I have learned through my yoga practice, and so there is also much learning and personal growth to be had.

These past couple of weeks have seen me floored with this awful flu. I have had no choice but to not just slow down, but completely stop and do NOTHING! If nothing else, I have learned to honour the wisdom of my own body, and the messages it holds.

This winter has hit me quite hard, and I have had some old wounds reopened, which forced me to look within, yet again, at what I needed to heal. I'm pretty sure this flu was the universe's way of getting me to just stop and begin that journey inwards again...more healing, more growth.

And, along with feeling unwell physically, are the feelings of depression which inevitably set in, so these past few days I have been feeling really sorry for myself (it's ok, it won't last), and I am reminded to just BE with those feelings, without trying to shove them aside. So I have allowed myself to watch sad movies and to read sad articles, because I need to really FEEL what I'm feeling, so I can exhaust those feelings then move on (rather than pushing them down so they manifest as physical or mental illness later on).

It's funny the old self-awareness which I now cultivate. That I can observe when I am responding and reacting a certain way. I'm not saying it makes the feelings any less difficult, but it certainly allows me to acknowledge that "They too shall pass".

So I guess this post is about honouring your feelings - all of them - the good, the bad and the ugly. Because no matter what we may think, EVERYONE has all of these emotions - that's what makes us human. 

And from the depths of my despair, a bright spark of light, a burst of creativity which has eluded me for some time...a poem, written feverishly without thought. It flowed from my pen in under 2 minutes, so I include it here, unedited...

                    She was not one to follow the crowd
                    She preferred instead to explore the intricacies of
                    her soul
                    It beckoned her within
                    Tantalising her with it's sweet repose.
                    A quiet, calm oasis to rest her weary self
                    When life had battered and bruised her
                    And caused her to retreat into her shell
                    It was safe there.

                    No-one to please but herself
                    Here she licked her wounds
                    and healed her scars, so that they wouldn't show
                    She clung to uncertainty
                    It kept her afloat in a sea of doubt.

                                                                 Tina Gates

Can you believe this is the beautiful space I get to teach yoga in - I am truly blessed x



  1. Yes you HAVE been away for too long!! I have thought of you often. I am so happy for your new phase of life teaching yoga. I would love to take thinks you are a bit too far...perhaps we can meet in our dreams.

    I completely understand what you are saying here about ALL feelings and emotions. I think that if we do not acknowledge our losses and pain, we cannot move on and grown from them. However, I do limit myself on sitting with sadness. I do not want to live there. For in spite of all the pain that comes from this Human Experience, there is still more JoY and light in the world. When my Mother recently passed, I literally sat in a chair for a good month...sitting with the knowledge that she now exists in Eternity, not time and space. Even though she was 90, it floored me; brings stinging tears to my eyes just writing this, and yet, it is good. I do believe that I feel closer to her now than I ever did when she lived on earth.

    Now, about looking at your blog, I understand that too. It seems we were on the same path of joyful discovery, learning to play again. I miss that time of life. It was not silly fun. It was necessary. But the thing about life is that it IS constantly changing. We must accept and adjust in order to thrive in this experience of ours. Choose Joy. Live splendidly.

    I have missed you, my friend!

    **blows kisses**

  2. Darling Deb, I have missed you too! Thankyou for sharing about your mother - I can only imagine how difficult that was for you. Somehow we believe they will be with us always. My parents are in their eighties now, and time is creeping by so fast. I really do treasure each and every day. I have always been one to see the silver lining - I'm a glass half full kind of girl. And believe me, there have been some mighty low times in my life. Every morning, as I wake up, I say to myself, "I am grateful", and I am for the amazing life I have been blessed with, along with my beautiful family.

    Yes, this blog was completely necessary for me to explore my inner child again, and to awaken my creativity. It is nudging me again, I feel, and it's time to find that balance, and begin painting and creating again.

    Blessings to you my friend x

  3. Your poem is beautiful. Really feeling and beautiful.
    Great Job.

  4. Dear Tina, I too have been absent for quite some time. It is always a pleasure to visit you and get a glimpse of your world. Hope you are enjoying good health and that your new found passion brings you nothing but joy XO

  5. Hello beautiful friend..what a deeply healing and insightful powerful and full of love( sorry I am just seeing it now!)..your poem felt like you were speaking to my special and sacred...very powerful! It is pretty amazing how the flu was a divine gift, allowing you to heal even more...pretty magical stuff..and yes very hard to endure.. but as you leads to more gifts! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and inspiring words! I have missed you my friend!! Love the image of you..gorgeous! and happy you are enjoying Yoga teaching..that room is pretty fantastic...and the magical window and light...stunning!! Shine on happy to reconnect! I wish I lived closer..I'd love to have a yoga classes with you!
    Namaste..wishing you blessings always and magical everywhere!


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