Saturday, November 02, 2013

Colour My World

Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with colour all over more playing it safe for me!   I need to be surrounded by colour to inspire and uplift me. Slowly it has seeped into my decorating, and my choice of clothing, and it makes me smile to be surrounded by glorious colour. 

I have been creating vignettes around home, and there's something comforting about lighting candles and burning incense which creates a lovely sacred atmosphere. 

And springtime has arrived here so my roses are blooming like crazy, and it makes me happy to pick them and bring them inside to fill vases with their delicious old world scent. It is so satisfying to know that something I planted with my own hands rewards me time and again with an abundance of fresh blooms.

I am still teaching my yoga a few times a week, and exploring my own practice and continuing to learn more and more about this ancient practice. It is so rewarding to find something that lights you up from the inside, something that makes you want to learn as much as you can, and then share that knowledge with others.

I continue to meet so many amazing, like-minded souls on this journey. It really is true, as Joseph Campbell once said "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls."

And while we are on the subject of following your bliss, yoga really has helped me to find my centre, and to say no to anything which insults my soul. It has also taught me to be fearless and to say yes to new experiences, and new challenges. 

I have met some wonderfully creative and inspiring friends through this crazy cyber world, and I am grateful to them for opening me up to a life I only dreamed about. A colourful, eclectic, artful, interesting, stimulating and fun life.

You all remember Miss Jo from Old Flowers 4 Me - this is the day we went out for lunch and met my favourite artist, the wonderful Mirka Mora!

Mirka is so cheeky and fun, we even managed a little photo shoot in bed with her...(I hope I am this playful when I am her age - she is in her eighties!)

The ridiculous look on my face is because I was SO excited to meet someone I have loved for ever! (The champagne was to calm my nerves, ha ha)
 This is the gorgeous Amanda and Coco - these girls are so fun! I love that they live their lives out loud and in colour!

Then a few days ago, it was off to visit another artist, this time Lin van Hek, who does the most beautiful paintings of women, but also makes gorgeous clothing - the pink silk jacket I am wearing below is one of hers. 
That's Lin on the very left of the picture. We sipped tea in the kitchen of her gallery and listened to her wonderful tales about her interesting life...

As usual, my apologies for not blogging more often. I was inspired to write this post tonight because another gorgeous artist friend of mine has started one. She is the divine Miss Elspeth and I couldn't possibly write a blogpost about colour and not mention her! Go check out her art - it is incredible and I am so incredibly proud of her!

Also, my beautiful faraway friend Melissa asked me to blog again. I have to show you the gypsy wind chimes she made, infused with magic from her own fingers, which are now hanging proudly above my kitchen table! I LOVE them!

So I hope that my rather long post has more than made up for my absence.

"Be the song that makes you dance. Do what excites you, live with your arms wide open, and watch everything else fall into place..."


  1. How lovely to see you in such a riot of colour! I've been rediscovering colour too - I just can't get dressed in monochrome anymore!

  2. You and your friends all look lovely. Full of color and joy of life.

  3. Tina...Beautiful Kindred! I have missed you, what a beautiful inspire me...and such gorgeous dreamy images to spark my soul! I wish we lived close..really..I imagine we would get up to lots of fun!! I treasure you and your wonderful spirit! Massive hugs to you...I wish you and your world bright sparkles always! Thanks for visiting made my day...and night!
    HUgs and much love from across the oceans!!!

  4. Hello magical is always such a treasure to visit your enchanting world and revisit your beautiful photos, images and amazing experiences..! Hope you are enjoying October's magic and wishing you a wonderful November ahead! PS: always love that meditative picture of you in yoga beautiful!

  5. Thankyou darling friend...I love visiting your magical blog. I know I don't come here often anymore, but it's always lovely to receive a little note xxx

  6. I have been unable to banish Color from my World... I suppose it is too deeply ingrained in my Spirit? I'm attempting a Sage and Sepia Room Styling right now... don't know that I shall Achieve it... I am certain Color will creep in there somehow... it always does. I have missed your Blog Posts and Hope all is Well? Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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